NBA celebrities Kevin Durant of those Brooklyn Nets and Mike Conley of those Utah Jazz were one of the executive producers for”Two Distant Strangers,” which was given the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film through Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony.

According to IMDb, Durant and Conley were just two of 10 executive producers on the movie, which dramatizes police brutality within an inevitable time loop such as a dreadful”Groundhog Day” for Black Americans.

The movie has been directed by nominees Martin Desmond Roe and Travon Free, a former college basketball player at Long Beach State.

Congrats @TwoDistantFilm,” Durant tweeted later Free and Roe approved the Oscar.

In 2018, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and Disney animator Glen Keane took home the Academy Award for his animated short film”Dear Basketball,” according to a poem Bryant composed in 2015 declaring his impending retirement from basketball.