Tennessee authorities charged Brandon Isabelle (missing newborn’s father) with 2 counts first-degree murder

Amber Campbell, the mother to deceased Memphis woman Danielle Hoyle as well as grandmother to missing infant Kennedy Hoyle spoke out on Thursday about her daughter’s murder.

“She didn’t hurt anyone.” Campbell spoke out about her 27-year old daughter, who was shot to death on Tuesday. Kennedy, Hoyle’s 2-day old daughter, is still missing.

“I miss her. Campbell, distraught and weeping, said that she needed to see her.

Tennessee officials charged Brandon Isabelle, the father of the missing infant, with two counts each of first-degree murder.

“He didn’t have to do it. My baby is missing me. It is so wonderful to see her come home. … I don’t want to eat. Campbell stated that Campbell couldn’t sleep.
“Kennedy is not yet located. However, evidence suggests she may be dead. “The search for her remains will continue,” Memphis Police Department (MPD), said Wednesday evening in a tweet.

Isabelle, 26, is also facing murder charges in connection to Hoyle’s killing and Kennedy’s disappearance.

Campbell spoke of the newborn, saying that Campbell would not say that she was gone until she touched her and saw her.
Hoyle was a FedEx employee and left behind a daughter.

She was hardworking. She did that all the time. Campbell stated that she worked, and then returned home, and Hoyle was looking for a new place to call home because “she wasn’t feeling safe” at home. She described her daughter’s sweetness and smile as “sweet”.

According to Isabelle, the grandmother who became the new grandmother, Isabelle didn’t have any special needs for her family. They were willing to take care of the child, with or without his assistance.
“That baby was loved long before she arrived. It’s wrong for us to not have her. This is not right. Campbell stated that she only had the opportunity to hold her baby for about 10 to 15 minutes. I fed her and changed her. I placed her on my chest. She was gone.”
Campbell claimed that Isabelle was in the hospital the day Kennedy was born. Two days later, he is accused of shooting her fatally.

Hoyle’s vehicle was found abandoned by MPD officers at 11:15 on Tuesday, in the vicinity of Sedgewick Drive & Levi Road. After a thorough search, they found her body near the road.

Fox News Digital’s inquiry regarding possible other suspects in Hoyle’s murder and Kennedy’s disappearance was not immediately answered by the department.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stated that the baby was 6-pounds and 2 days old.
Police announced Wednesday afternoon that they were conducting a search of the 800 block Island Drive in Memphis, at the edge of Harbor Town.

Island Drive faces the Mississippi River’s eastern side.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the newborn is asked to call MPD at 901-545-277 or TBI at 1-800-TBI FIND.