by Arie Boomsma’s, starting on Thursday, each day at the Video to see the t-GYM, which is where he is in each and every episode of a work-out is a well-known professional athlete. The presenter noted that since he was no longer going to the gym can be, he is more in the thinking of the thuisoefeningen, he said in the interview with the

“I think it’s fun to find new things to try in the living room to do exercises with the toilet paper, books, or pots,” says Boomsma. “If you like it, you like it to be full. And people online, I get plenty of comments, and tips it back. In spite of all the fears and worries that we have today, there’s a lot of beautiful things and inspire people.”

working out at Home has other advantages, notes that In. “If I’m doing it, my kids like to fly in the syrup, to me. They are asking how to do something or have to climb up on my back while I push ups to do. My wife does not mind and you will find different kind of workouts to be fun. Sometimes, they are just around the corner to look, and grins they have on what we do, but that’s it.”

it Has a small-scale hotel any tips for people who from home are more willing to move? “Choose each day for a set time before you move”, gives advice In. “People are now looking for a new rhythm to their usual routines in the past, around days. Tape motion is, therefore, behind the things you do, like brushing your teeth or eating lunch. And change motion: to go on a Monday, for example, walking, Tuesday, squatten and try out on Wednesday, a new challenge.”