Kardashian filed for divorce in February

KanyeWest posted a five minute-long “Thanksgiving Prayer” to social media. He spoke out about his desire to reunite Kim Kardashian, and how their marriage was affected by his 2020 presidential campaign.

The video of his prayer was shared by the 44-year old rapper to Instagram. He recently changed his name from “Ye” to “Ye”. He discusses how important it is to take responsibility for his actions. He also stated that he constantly thinks about how he can get his family back together and heal the hurt that I have caused.

“I accept responsibility for my actions. Alert! Mistakes. “The one thing all my successes or failures share is me,” West starts.

The Yeezy founder spoke out about his experiences with alcohol. He said: “I would drink in order to relieve stress and get the edge off. Because I had an already-existing hair trigger temper, drinking affected my health as well as the health of those around me.

He also spoke out about his 2016 “manic episode”. He said that he was “susceptible” to other episodes after being on and off medication. This made him “suspectable to the suffering of my wife, family and fans.”

After blaming himself for his egotism and temper, West turned to politics. In 2020 , the rapper ran to be president. He was well-known for his support of President Trump and for wearing a MAGA cap.

West claims in the audio that “Good Lord my wife didn’t like me wearing the red cap” “Being a good husband, she just wanted to protect us.” My refusal to align with Hollywood’s political stance made me and my family targets. This was a difficult decision for our marriage.

West also spoke out about the press conference that he held early in his presidential bid. He revealed to Kardashian that he had considered aborting their first baby.

“Then, I ran for president without any preparation or allies. My wife was embarrassed by the way that I shared information about our family at the press conference. My dad said nothing but, “Write your speech next year, son.”

The rapper confessed that he spent “money like crazy” as well as becoming a “self-righteous Christian.”

Mix that with being famous, rich, and very very very beautiful and you have a Molotov cocktail ready for anyone who disagrees with me. He said that he was arrogant with his Jesus, as if he had just bought him some Jesus at Gucci with a stimulus check.”

West thanked Kardashian for his family and expressed gratitude for the “life that God has given him.”

He concluded, “I’m grateful for your attention, time, and patience.”

After he posted on social media that he believed God would bring him back together with Kardashian despite their impending divorce, West made a Thanksgiving prayer. On Friday, he shared a black-and-white photo of him with Kardashian on his Instagram story. He also included a TMZ story. The headline read, “Kanye West Declares God Will Bring Kim & Him Back Together, Inspire Millions.”

West discussed the possibility of unifying with his estranged spouse during a Skid Row visit on Thanksgiving. “The story God wants is for us to be redeemed in all of these relationships,” West stated via Yahoo!.

“We’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. I have made mistakes.

The “All of the Lights” rapper said that God would facilitate his and Kardashian’s reconciliation, which would be an inspiration to other families.

Despite West wanting to be with Kardashian again, the reality TV star seems to have moved on with comedian Pete Davidson. They have been spending more time together, and were recently spotted holding hands on a walk after they celebrated Davidson’s birthday.

Kardashian is single since February, when she filed for divorce from West. They have four children together: North, 8, Saint 5, Chicago, 3, Psalm 2, and Chicago, 5.

Later, she addressed the divorce at a “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reunion in June.

“I honestly don’t think I would say it here on television, but it wasn’t one particular thing that happened on either side. Kardashian said that it was a general disagreement on a few items that led to the decision.