The kandidatentoernooi to play chess in Ekaterinburg will take place on Thursday to demand a halt. The wereldschaakbond decided to do so after the Russian government was reported in the sky Friday, to close it.

The wereldschaakbond it is, however, going to be the kandidatentoernooi later in the year, when the corona virus is under control. The results from the first seven rounds, remains standing.

The kandidatentoernooi it was one of the few sports that, despite the outbreak of the corona virus, just continued on. There were, however, measures have been taken; for example, there was no public present and there were no hands to shake.

finally, Anish Giri was one of the participants. The Hagenaar was never worried about the COVID-19-the virus. “I still believe that there is a greater chance that I will have the title this year and find out that I’m omval by the corona virus,” he said prior to the event.

The 25-year-old Giri is a result of one win, five draws and one defeat, on a shared third place, one point behind the leaders, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (3,5 to 4,5).

The kandidatentoernooi would have until april 5th to complete. The winner will be available later this year, and the next challenger for the Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen.

you can Follow the latest developments of the virus in the world of sports in our liveblog.

The corona virus, in short, The corona virus is spread mainly from person to person via a sneeze, and hoestdruppeltjes. The chances that you will become contaminated by surfaces such as door handles is very small. This risk will be reduced if you get your hands washed. You can have the chance to spread substantially reduce, by at least 1.5 metres away from other people. An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. The precautions that are necessary in order for this to be cancelled. The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms. Almost all the deaths involve the elderly or other vulnerable people, such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or diabetic patients. If anyone have the measures of compliance, while reducing their risks. Read here to find out what precautions you should take.