The legendary actor has the role of his life!

Although it’s not peanut butter and pastrami, this pairing is something you would never expect.

Diane Keaton uploaded a clip to Instagram Wednesday showing her as the star in a music video for Justin Bieber song Ghost.

Yes, Diane Keaton. Diane Keaton, 75 years old. Diane Keaton, a hat expert. Diane Keaton, who has been nominated for three Oscars and won an Academy Award.

“AM I DREAMING?” What a privilege it was to work with JUSTIN BIEBER and HIS INCREDIBLE TEAM! She captioned the video.

Bieber is seen with his arm wrapped around Keaton at one point, while they dance at another in what appears to a restaurant. Keaton can also be seen alone on a beach and in a kitchen, teasing fans about the story being told.

Bieber also shared the clip via Instagram, and it was viewed almost 4 million times 14 hours later.

It’s not surprising that they have teamed up. Keaton is not shy about her admiration for the pop star. She gushed about him on “The Ellen DeGeneres show” in 2017, only to be surprised by him.

After she had given him a kiss on his cheek, she declared “That’s true beauty”, and he left the stage.