The Juso Federal Chairwoman Jessica Rosenthal wants to reject the planned Bundeswehr special fund in the Bundestag in the form now planned. “I’m not willing to tinker around with the Basic Law for a Bundeswehr special fund, although the mistake lies elsewhere,” wrote the SPD MP in a guest article for “Spiegel” published on Monday.

She did not reject the 100 billion euro special fund on principle, Rosenthal continued, but because the associated circumvention of the debt brake was “too small a solution for a much bigger problem”. Democracy must be defended externally, but also internally. A special fund just for the Bundeswehr is therefore far too limited. The Juso boss called for a move away from the debt brake.

“What should we answer when nurses ask why 100 billion euros are there for the Bundeswehr, but no money for better pay or a fully funded hospital infrastructure?” asked the Juso boss. It is also “absolutely understandable when parents ask why their children do not want to use the school toilet because there is allegedly no money for the renovation”.

The honest answer to this is: “Money is there – with those who no longer know what to do with it and also in the state budget. But we prefer to comply with the debt brake instead of investing in our society,” criticized the SPD politician. The state needs more financial leeway, she justified her demand for the abolition of the debt brake and an increase in inheritance tax.

“Whoever says turning point must mean turning point. It must not be a mantra that only means the Bundeswehr, but not the entire defensiveness of democracy, both internally and externally,” said Rosenthal. The Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24 “required self-criticism and a course correction from me and my party”. This must also apply to the FDP and CDU/CSU, both of which adhere to the debt brake in the Basic Law.