Both teams are still missing a real title. Freiburg, who have won the South Baden amateur league three times (1965, 1968, 1978), have never been so close to him. For Christian Streich’s team, it is the first ever final appearance in the DFB Cup. The people of Leipzig know better, they are in Berlin for the third time and could complete the triple across the seasons and become runners-up in the cup for the third time. Historically speaking, the outcome would be more remarkable if the Saxons were victorious. You would be the first participant from the geographical east ever after reunification to have won the DFB Cup.

Maybe the jokers, as they say so ugly. There would be Emil Forsberg on the Leipzig side, without the Swede the Saxons would not be in Berlin. He headed Leipzig in the semi-final against 1. FC Union after coming on as a late substitute to make it 2-1. The dangerous Forsberg has been brought off the bench 19 times this season, and Nils Petersen tops the game for Freiburg. He makes 20 competitive appearances. But maybe coach Christian Streich should bring him on from the start on Saturday, because Petersen has only scored against RB Leipzig when he was in the starting XI.

Certainly not a final fan scarf with the logos of both teams. This has already been reported in detail. The background is known, Freiburg rejects the RB Leipzig construct. And that is also allowed. Club emblems are legally protected – and the people of Breisgau were able to close the door for RB Leipzig and so certainly court a bit for the sympathies of all Leipzig non-likers.

nope Because, good news, according to DFB boss Bernd Neuendorf, Saudi Arabia should not get any hope as the host of a DFB Cup final, even if DFL boss Renata Hopfen had already hinted at something like that. But not with Neuendorf. “We need fan proximity and acceptance for our sport,” said the President. Even with an eight-figure dollar sum, he wouldn’t faint. And what about a nine-digit number? “Not everything is a question of price,” said the President in a fresh interview with “Zeit”. He can also say “no”. And: “Sport as a whole has to do that again.”

The women’s final. Previously often only a prelude for men, it was played for the last time in Berlin in 2009. Now the finale has long been emancipated and has taken root in Cologne. The women have the last word of the Bundesliga season (across all genders): The final will take place on May 28th, with VfL Wolfsburg and the underdogs of Turbine Potsdam, who by the way were present (and lost) in the last final in Berlin 2009. No fun fact: For Wolfsburg it would be the eighth cup win in a row.