John Edward, a well-known psychic medium from the US, recently made headlines for his candid comments about President Donald Trump in a TV interview. Edward, who gained fame through his television series Crossing Over with John Edward, where he claimed to connect with the deceased, stated that he would not even communicate with Trump, dead or alive, if given the opportunity.

During the interview, Edward expressed his reluctance to work with celebrities in general, citing their public personas and skepticism as barriers to his readings. Despite his popularity and success in the psychic medium world, he emphasized the importance of being able to work without preconceived notions or interference from his subjects.

Currently on a speaking tour in Australia, a country he refers to as his “soul home,” Edward praised the energy and sense of community he feels in the country. While some may question his abilities, he welcomes skepticism and encourages both fans and critics to approach his work with an open mind.

As a self-described bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds, Edward acknowledges the limitations of his abilities and advises those experiencing grief to seek help from therapists or counselors for healing. He stresses the importance of critical thinking and being cautious about where one obtains information related to psychic phenomena.

Despite his disinterest in working with certain high-profile individuals, Edward remains dedicated to his craft and committed to helping people navigate the complexities of loss and grief. His appearances on popular TV shows in the US have garnered him a wide following, but he remains focused on his mission to provide comfort and closure to those in need.

In conclusion, John Edward’s recent comments about President Donald Trump shed light on his approach to his work as a psychic medium and his views on celebrity interactions. As he continues his tour in Australia, he hopes to connect with audiences and offer insight into the spiritual realm while encouraging thoughtful inquiry and reflection on the nature of psychic phenomena.