After a video compilation that featured Joe Rogan, a popular U.S. podcaster, apologized Saturday. The clips showed Rogan using a racial slur throughout 12 episodes.

Rogan posted a video on his Instagram account claiming that his use of the slur was “most regretful, shameful thing that i’ve ever had the opportunity to talk about publicly.” However, he stated that the clips were “taken from context.”

It’s not my word to do so. He said that he is well aware of this now but that he used it in the same way for many years.” “I didn’t use it to be racist, because I’m not racist.”

Rogan’s meaculpa follows India, a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter. Arie announced on Thursday that she would be removing her music to Spotify because of the racial slur Rogan made during his podcasts. The video montage of Rogan clips was posted by Arie to her Instagram account. Rogan, who started his podcast in late 2009. He didn’t give any details about the years that he used this racial slur.

Arie stated in her video that even though some Rogan conversations were taken out-of-context, “he shouldn’t be saying the word.”

She added, “Don’t say it in any context.”

Rogan’s Saturday message addressed a clip from his podcast that he shared 11 years ago. It was a clip in which he spoke about going to a Black movie theater to see “Planet of the Apes”.

“I was trying make the story entertaining and I said that we got out and it felt like we were in Africa. It was like we were in “Planet of the Apes Rogan.” Rogan said that he was not trying to be racist, but realized it was an “idiotic thing” to say. Although he claimed he deleted the podcast, a third party must have saved it.

Spotify apologizes to Rogan as it promises to stop the spread of COVID-19 false information as part of a damage control campaign. This was triggered by Neil Young, who accused Spotify’s top podcaster of magnifying vaccine skepticism.

Spotify announced last Sunday that it will soon add a warning to all podcasts discussing COVID-19. This will direct listeners to current, factual information from scientists and public-health experts. Spotify also wants to increase transparency in publishing decisions and to outline the safety rules it follows.

According to Midia Research, Spotify accounted for 31% of 524 million global music streaming subscriptions during the second quarter 2021. This is more than twice the amount of Apple Music second place. Spotify isn’t always well-received by musicians who complain that they don’t get enough compensation for their work.

Arie stated in her video that Spotify was built on the backs of the music streaming industry and that it uses that money for Rogan’s lucrative deals. She stated that she does not want to make money for podcasters.

She said, “Just take me off.”

Spotify did not immediately respond to our request for comment.