Joachim Piper: what became of the Nazi executioner, who burned Russian villages

Another 29/12/19 Joachim Piper: what became of the Nazi executioner, who burned Russian villages

Joachim Peiper was a personal adjutant to Heinrich Himmler and the youngest Colonel in the SS. He was in the Panzer division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler” fought against the Soviet Union and allies and has made great achievements on the battlefield. During the war, the SS burned the village together with the inhabitants and shot the prisoners, but for his crime he paid 31 years after the end of the war. Ironically, a war criminal, like most of his victims died in the fire.

the crimes of Joachim Peiper

In the course of fierce fighting in February 1943, the neighboring village of Efremovka and Semenovka in the Kharkiv region four times passed from hand to hand. However, they became known after the punitive operation conducted by soldiers of the SS, under the command of Joachim Peiper, before ordered to burn all houses and kill the inhabitants of the village of Krasnaya Polyana.

the Efremovka and Semenivka have been destroyed by the Germans after the guerrillas and separated from their soldiers, fired at the SS officers, who arrived earlier by plane. Piper decided to punish the locals and ordered to destroy the village. From 16 to 18 February 1943, killed 872 villager, while 240 rural men who previously drove for road cleaning from snow, gathered in the Church and burned alive. The only survivor was 15-year-old boy Ivan Kiselev.

For such “love” to fire among the soldiers and officers of the division “Adolf Hitler” Joachim Peiper earned the nickname “the Blowtorch.” His name he confirmed in the village Pekarschyna, which was also destroyed. In 1944, his men burned in the Northern Italian village of Bowes, and in the Belgian town of Malmedy, he ordered the execution of 86 captured American soldiers.

After the war, Piper was captured by the Americans and was convicted only for the murder of US soldiers. In 1946 he was sentenced to the death penalty by hanging, but the punishment was commuted to life imprisonment. In 1956, a war criminal left to chance. For their crimes, he only served 11 years.

Peaceful life

Once free, Joachim Peiper got a job at the car “Porsche” and began to Express their disagreement with the fact that former SS men are perceived as war criminals. A Porsche has fallen off a barrage of criticism that they hired a war criminal, and even advocating for whitewashing the image of the SS. Piper was fired, but he sued the automaker for a big payout and moved to a high position in Volkswagen.

In the sixties in Germany again began trials of former SS members, but the case of Joachim Peiper was closed due to lack of evidence. At the trial the SS said that all the evidence of his atrocities in the Soviet Union fabricated by the Communists and Russian agents. In 1972, expressing frustration in Germany Blowtorch moves in the French commune of Herbs, near the Swiss border.

the death of the executioner

In 1976 the quiet life of a war criminal was over. It came out in the Grass, the French Communist and a former fighter for the Resistance. June 22, 1976, in the newspaper l’humanité published an article “Who covers war criminals?” with the story of the Piper his photo and address. The house of the Nazi threw tomatoes, and on the walls were inscriptions telling him to get out. French police promised the former Colonel’s protection, and every day he was visited by the patrol. He 61-year-old Piper didn’t leave the house without a gun.

the day before his death in a letter to SS standartenfuhrer Rudolf Lehmann, Piper wrote that he had received threats from “Red Brigades” and hopes that he has enough ammo to fend them off. On the night of 14 July 1976 the house of the executioner of the Soviet of peasants were burned, and his remains found in the morning among the charred ruins. Near the body lay a shotgun, rifle and Remington gun Colt. Not in one of the arms are both empty.

Subsequently, a large number of bullets pulled from surrounding trees. According to one of the French police Piper shot back, visiting him in the last hour of the ghosts of the past. It is still unknown who murdered Joachim Peiper. The investigation found that the house was singed by a Molotov cocktail thrown from three Windows. Later, the responsibility was claimed by a group “the Avengers”, which sent out letters to all the major newspaper editorial office France, however, was not considered a forgery.

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