Garlin pointed out that the same behavior was expected from him on shows such as ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm

Comedy comedian Jeff Garlin defends himself against being cancelled due to allegations that he creates a dangerous working environment at the ABC comedy ” the Goldbergs”.

Garlin, 59 years old, stated in no uncertain terms that the ABC sitcom has not been terminated. However, he admitted that he had been the subject HR investigations for three consecutive years. In a long conversation, the actor learned that Vanity Fair’s writer was investigating those allegations and called him directly to defend himself.

“No, I wasn’t fired from The Goldbergs’ , he stated plainly. “I haven’t been fired from The Goldbergs.

He was asked by the reporter about his allegations of being physically insensitive to colleagues and saying disrespectful things to cast members. This has led to complaints to Human Resources. Garlin denied that he did anything offensive or threatening on set. He did however admit that he and Sony have a “difference in opinion” regarding his conduct on the set.

It’s always the exact same thing. It’s all about me and my silliness. They don’t believe it’s appropriate. I agree. We’re here. It has not led to me being fired. He explained that we just think differently.” “Now, when I’m on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, for example, if my activities aren’t up to par, Larry David (or a cameraman or producer who’s a female) will approach me and ask if everything is okay. To keep my energy up, I have to do what is necessary to continue doing what I do. So, I don’t know how to speak. If you are a stand-in and don’t like the show’s content or behavior, I would not recommend it. It’s different if someone is going after you. However, if someone is after you in general, that’s a different story. If so, then God bless and quit.

Garlin attempted to emphasize that while he does not support people being offended on behalf of others, any person who feels personally offended by Garlin’s words or actions should let Garlin know. He will then respect their wishes. The interviewer attempted to highlight the power dynamics involved in asking employees to criticize their boss. Before Garlin accused the interviewer briefly of making him look bad, they spoke more and realized that they were in agreement about the power dynamics.

Garlin stated, “I love the word ‘woke.'” “I believe that being enlightened is a good thing. All of it is fine with me. Yes, there is a power dynamic in Hollywood. But, you are also a stand-in. I have worked my a–off to be the star. You have the right to be treated well, but it doesn’t give you any right to dictate how I behave. This is just my opinion. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

The allegations that Garlin was physically incontinence seem to be rooted in Garlin’s default greeting, which is to hug people. He said that he doesn’t plan to continue doing that on “The Goldbergs” in the future.

“When I shoot more days to make it smoother, I won’t be doing any silly stuff or other things out of respect. Because you know why, I will keep it on QT. They are my bosses. They have every right to make the set their own,” he stated.

Garlin stated that the show may not be continuing beyond Season 9.