Female cabin crew for Japan airlines, Japan Airlines and are working, don’t have high-heeled shoes have more wear on the job. Also, you should they are now wearing pants. In the modification, for nearly six female employees of Japan Airlines are valid from the month of april.

The policy change on the failure of the campaign to #KuToo, which is the last year a lot of attention in Japan. In the name of #KuToo, and refers to the Japanese words for ‘shoe’ and ‘pain’, and the international #metoo movement.

In all, the campaign is calling for women not to force it to work, wear high heels to wear them. An online petition received more than 32,000 signatures.

Japanese actress and activist Yumi Ishikawa, the #KuToo campaign as a funeral director was forced to wear high heels to wear at work. It calls for the adaptation of the policies of Japan Airlines, is a big step.

According to Ishikawa to women at hotels, department stores, banks and work in high heel shoes to wear.

The Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe said earlier this month that he believes that women should not have to suffer a dress code of their employers. One of the other Japanese prime minister has, according to local media, however, said that the dress code was “necessary and proper” to be.