Jake Paul looks to a potential fighter’s union when his boxing career takes off

During an appearance on “Varney & Co.”Friday, Jake Paul, a well-known social media personality as well as a thriving boxer, spoke about his new business ventures as well as his feud against UFC President Dana White.

The 25-year old millionaire made nearly $40 million from his boxing career. He also accumulated more wealth through investment deals and long-term investments in cryptocurrency.

Paul stated, “I’ve been involved in crypto since childhood and I’m big into Ethereum, BNB and all of it, but I’m a long term holder.”

Varney asked Paul if he could make $100 millions this year. Paul replied, “I’m going work on that.”

Paul, despite his financial success in boxing, denies that money was his primary motivation. He likens much of his success and success to being “the best version of himself.”

Paul said that he enjoys the challenge of making money and that he likes the challenge of, well, doing something I didn’t think possible,” Stuart Varney, FOX Business host, stated.

Paul is undefeated, having landed a jaw-dropping knockout on UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Whiteley in their December 2021 pay-per view fight.
He explained that “There’s nothing more than knocking someone out and jumping on to the ropes.”

Paul’s 2018 debut in boxing and his success generated buzz throughout the fight world. This attracted both fans and big-name critics.

Paul answered FOX Business questions about his ongoing feuding with Dana White UFC President. He said that his knockout against an ex-UFC champ was the catalyst.

“He [Dana White] is the one who started it. Paul stated that Dana White tried to discredit me in the media, saying that my fights were fake.

Paul, who is receiving backlash from the industry, explained that he had “always been a champion for fighters” so he hopes to eventually form a fighter’s alliance for boxers and mixed-martial artists.

Although he doesn’t plan to join the UFC anytime soon the younger brother Paul wants to leave a lasting legacy both inside and outside of the fight world.

Paul stated that he wanted to disrupt the system and that this is how he would leave an indelible mark on the world.

He said, “I’m not trying to win boxing matches. I’m going be more impactful outside the ring than inside the ring.”