Izhevsk business: why the investigators claimed that the Beatles purposely broke your car

History 14/02/20 Izhevsk case: why the investigators claimed that the Beatles purposely broke your car

the so-called “Izhevsk case” involving Vladimir Vysotsky, the General public was little known. However, in artistic circles knew about it all. Then Vysotsky was threatened with real prison term, but he managed to avoid serious punishment.

a Profitable tour

According to the data, which lead to his book “Silver strings: poets and authority”, Jerusalem Yuri and Sergei Solovyov, 1979 began for Vladimir Vysotsky’s tour: in January, he performed concerts in the US in April — in Canada, then traveled to Minsk, Tbilisi, Yaroslavl, Izhevsk. The latter city became fatal for the bard. A trip to Udmurtia Vladimir Semenovich was organized by the famous in those years, the administrator Vasily Kondakov and his colleague Goldman. Administrators helped the artists to have an additional income from concerts, not only what was required by law.

So, bet concert of Vladimir Vysotsky in his last years was equal to 18-19 rubles, and for the recital of the two offices he could count to 112 rubles. But actually Vladimir Semenovich received much more. For example, the same Goldman, whose words are quoted in the publication “Life and travels of Vladimir Vysotsky” Mark Cybulski, recalled that Vladimir Vysotsky could expect to double your salary: as author and as a performer. But there were easier ways. So event organizers often burned part of the tickets sold. Such a scheme was implemented during Udmurdskoy tour Vysotsky.

a Witness in a hospital bed

Everything went smoothly. But in autumn 1979, in connection with the Izhevsk concerts of Vladimir Vysotsky and other artists were arrested Vasily Kondakov. Vysotsky, yet as a witness, was also summoned to Izhevsk. However, if you believe Fedor Razzkovu, the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky: the secret trump card in the deck”, the bard chose to cancel the trip to Udmurtia. That’s just the Izhevsk investigator for particularly important cases of the last name Kravets was very persistent and he arrived in Moscow. One of the first he had planned to interview a close friend of Vladimir Vysotsky, Valery Yanklovich.

But to do this at first, Kravets failed: Vysotsky simply put him out of the hospital, which at the time was the Yanklovich. The fact that shortly before the arrival of the investigator Vladimir Semenovich, along with Valery Pavlovich was in a car accident: the car, driven by Vysotsky, crashed into a trolley. According to Valery Perevozchikov in his book, “Though the hour of death of Vladimir Vysotsky”, Kravets then reported up to the fact that bard is specially faked a traffic accident in order to hide in the hospital walls a key witness.

Friendship is friendship, and service service

meanwhile, to interrogate Valery Yanklovich, who had a concussion, Kravets managed: the investigator had to obtain special permission. However, nothing substantial from the Yanklovich Kravets has not achieved. However, the case of a car crash has been transferred from traffic police to the police. Vladimir Vysotsky in a panic began to raise all my connections. At some point, if you believe Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky. I’ll certainly be back…”, the bard had even invited Colonel Kravets to his guests. A friend of Oksana Afanasyeva, Vysotsky, who was present during this visit, recalled the frightening pranks that were released Kravets, such as: “You, Volodya, I have on the rack will do!”.

In General, a “friendship” with Kravets Vladimir Vysotsky did not help. “Izhevsk business” has untwisted and was transferred to Petrovka. But Vysotsky still lucky: he was only obliged to return to the state of 2,5 thousand rubles for concerts that allegedly took place in another Udmurdskoy the city of Glazov. This information leads on the pages of the publicationI “the Suicide of Vladimir Vysotsky. “He died himself”” Boris Sokolov. However, according to Sokolov, there is evidence that the amount paid Vysotsky, was in 2 times more. But it is noteworthy all the same other: according to journalist Alexei Krasnoperov, after the death of the artist all materials “Izhevsk Affairs” was destroyed.

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