Ivan Fedorov: what Soviet ACE was nicknamed the

Heroes 13/01/20 Ivan Fedorov: what Soviet ACE was nicknamed the “Baron Mjunhgauzen”

the Soviet pilot Ivan Evgrafovich Fedorov is the most controversial figure of the Soviet air force. He fought in the skies of Spain, on the plane, the fighter fought in the great Patriotic war and continued his service in Korea. However, career pilot, there are a lot of myths that he himself has created. During the life of Fedorov for his stories was skeptical about the designer Alexander Yakovlev, air Marshal Sergei Rudenko, Colonel-General of aviation Nikolai Papenin.

Ivan Fedorov in the sky of Spain

In 2007, the screens out a documentary film “the old Man and the sky”, dedicated to life and fighting way of the pilot Ivan Evgrafovich Fedorov. The words of a hero he fought in Spain, where he scored 20 aerial victories and made two battering RAM. For military achievements he was the title hero of the Soviet Union, but during a Banquet in the Kremlin, he was in a fight. After this misconduct has ended with firing, Fedorov star was not given.

According to Ivan Evgrafovich in 1942, he was back in the army the month the service was down 18 Nazi planes. In the autumn he was appointed commander of the 157 th fighter regiment, and in the spring of 1943, he headed the 273-th air division. Simultaneously, Fedorov commanded the penalty of 64 squadron pilots. After the victory over the Germans he fought in the Korean conflict and for all the service brought down 134 of the aircraft.

impressed by stories of Ivan Fedorov heroes of the Soviet Union General-Lieutenant Stepan Mikoyan and Colonel Alexander Shcherbakov wrote an open letter: “According to the personal file of I. E. Fedorov in Spain, he shot down two aircraft, and in the great Patriotic war made 114 sorties, carried out 15 air battles and shot down 11 aircraft and one person in the group. Rams enemy aircraft he didn’t commit.”

In their study, “Wings of Motherland”, Yuri Smirnov wrote that in the individual case Fedor is No 8803 286 combat sorties, shot down 11 aircraft in person and 13 in the group. In the Korean war Ivan Evgrafovich do not participate and to shoot down American pilots could not.

Cross from Goering and Prussian sword

in the days of the Soviet Union to the “exploits” of Ivan Fedorov, the pilots of the Soviet air force was skeptical. For his stories, he was nicknamed “Baron Myunghauzen”. Before the war, Fedorov was part of the group of Soviet pilots and specialists, who traveled to Germany for experience exchange. Fedorov told me that Hermann Goering was so surprised by his skills that he personally handed him the German knight’s cross.

Evidence was the medal, which was the sign “Aizsarg” – Latvian paramilitary organization Pro-Nazi wing. The second known event associated with the name of the German ACE von Berg, which Fedorov was allegedly shot down in aerial combat. Soviet pilot got the sword of the enemy, who belonged to an aristocratic Prussian family. The blade was a sword, which in the nineteenth century were awarded employees of the German mail, but the German ACE von Berg did not exist.

another time, Fedorov was told that the cross and the sword he found in the cockpit of German ACE Erich Hartmann who was shot down in the skies over Rzhev. German award the hero has attached to the heel of the boot and wore it until it faded. In fact, during the Rzhev battles Hartmann was in the North Caucasus and make sorties in the Tver region could not. Part of Fedorov in a penal squadrons were also questioned, but confirmed after the opening of the archives in 2004.

after the war, Ivan Fedorov served as an instructor at the military Academy. One day he was invited to speak at the school of the city of Simferopol. The students told the pilot that participated in the rescue of the crew of the ship “Chelyuskin”, although this is not true. Stories Fedorov came to the leadership and the instructor reprimanded with entering in a private matter.

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