Serie A Luciano Passirani, the 80-year-old Italian, who last weekend, and live in australia heavy off the road was when he was talking about Romelu Lukaku, had, and has, for the first time commented on the incident. “I’m not racist at all. My wife is black and I have black kleinkindjes” was, amongst other things.

Passirani, threw it in the broadcast on the TopCalcio24 at initially, nevertheless, first class in every way for the Red Devil. “I can see it in the Italian league, players such as Lukaku. Not AC Milan, not Roma, not Rome. He is one of the best strikers, and at least twice as strong as the Side of the Eu. Some guys will always have that little bit extra. These are guests who have a lot of goals, but the team on the trip to take. Because if you’re in a straight fight contract with Lukaku, you’re dead, you’ll fall to the ground.” And then, when I get away from it all: “The only way for him to be in charge of, he is ten bananas to give to him to eat of it.”