Night 2 APR Novosibirsk travel blogger Anatoly gomzikov came to visit his Internet friend Alex Hrebtov. They were talking on Instagram, but personally met for the first time, although lived in the same residential complex “Clear coast”. Men the entire night drinking moonshine and beer, and in the morning Hrebtov was found dead under the Windows of his house — he fell from the window. Gamzatov once said that, after drinking, fell asleep, woke up, did not find Khrebtova in the apartment and went to his home. Two months later, the Leninsky district court sent Gomzyakova in jail — on suspicion of grievous bodily harm Khrebtova. The girl and the lawyer Gomzyakova think that blogger was the victim of police brutality, he didn’t see or hear because I was asleep drunk. At the same time, the relatives of the deceased Khrebtova say that the night of the murder and the investigation enough evidence. Crime journalist Alyona Istomina and listened to both sides. Details in the NGS material.