Issa bissenov: as the Kazakh became the hero of Vietnam

History 04/01/20 Photo: voxpopuli.kzИса bissenov: as the Kazakh became a Vietnam war hero

Officially declaring neutrality during the Vietnam war, the Soviet Union could not prevent the defeat of the friendly North Vietnam. To assist guerrillas in the jungle were sent a group of military specialists. One of the few Soviet soldiers, almost no different in appearance from the Vietnamese, was born in Kazakhstan Issa bissenov.

the Road to Indochina

Issa bissenov was born in 1942 in Kyzylorda oblast in a family of teachers. After finishing medical school in 1964, a young man became a paramedic, but in the same year was drafted into the army. After serving 2 years in the missile forces near Leningrad, Sergeant received an unexpected offer from the commander to go to the aid of the allied country. Recall that in 1965 in Indochina landed American soldiers. Sworn bissenov could not abandon the hazardous trip, though his house waiting for his wife and young son.

jungle warfare

Issa bissenov was the only representative of the Mongoloid race in a secret Soviet missile regiment, abandoned in Vietnam under the guise of tourists. Along with him went to war, Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians and one Uzbek. In the unit bissenov performed the usual functions of a paramedic. Months later, Soviet specialists trained in the jungle, getting used to the humid hot climate and unusual conditions. And then joined the guerrilla forces that constantly move under the cover of trees, so as not to catch the eye of the Americans.

the Military of the USSR instructed the Vietnamese, training them to install and direct missiles to shoot down enemy aircraft. They fought only in the daytime, in the evening, the same specialists have found time for rest and entertainment – for example, they attended a variety of concerts. As a physician, ISE Besenova had to provide assistance to the civilian population.

“During Bombaiki someone’s kid was badly hurt and one arm was torn off. Since the village had no medical facilities and medicines, it was difficult to stop the bleeding. In the end, I gave him a temporary harness from scrap materials in the field, performed emergency surgery,” said a veteran of the war in Vietnam, the Kazakh edition of Vox Populi.

after a few hours wandering in the night nurse managed to find a field hospital, and finally the baby survived. Probably the resemblance Bissenov with local residents strengthened the credibility, although the veteran does not mention. He also was wounded during a U.S. bombing.

“I don’t “Afghan!”

After serving in Vietnam a year and three months, Issa bissenov returned to the Leningrad military district, where he received a medal “For courage”. However, his involvement in a distant war no one knew – the soldiers signed the document on nondisclosure of the secret.

8 Jul 2013 Issa bissenov again visited Hanoi, where he met the President of Vietnam. The head of state spent three hours talking with Kazakh veteran and presented him with the order of “Honorary citizen of Vietnam”.

“During the meeting, President Truong tan sang warmly welcomed the ISA Bissenov, a veteran internationalist who fought side by side with the Vietnamese people in the struggle against the United States and thanked him for helping Vietnam in training of the air force air defense. The President said that the support and assistance of Issa Bissenov and other international friends made a great contribution to the victory of the national liberation movement of Vietnam. The Vietnamese party, the country and the people will always remember this precious help of veterans of Kazakhstan” — wrote the newspaper Vietnam Plus.

Remembering the war, Issa bissenov speaks positively about patriotism, selflessness and diligence of the Vietnamese. However, the Soviet soldier was appreciated and Americans, calling them “strong opponents with clever tactics”.

currently bissenov is a “war” with Kazakhstan officials of trying to defend their status. Delo that of Soviet specialists returning from Vietnam, at the time recorded in the participants of the Afghan war, although this is not true. Issa bissenov believes that it is entitled to other benefits than the “Afghans”, because he fought in a completely different environment.

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