The biggest IPO for years, the US car service mediator Uber has been able to sell his shares not been as successful as hoped in the case of investors loss. The company fixed the issue price at $ 45 per share and is therefore at the lower end of the targeted price range of 44 to 50 dollars.

Uber saved approximately 8.1 billion dollars (7.2 billion euros). On Friday the company’s shares are traded for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange.

Given the poor sentiment in the market had already become apparent that the demand is likely to be behavior. Uber brings it to a total valuation of about 82 billion dollars, and put the largest IPO since the Chinese Amazon-rival Alibaba in the year 2014. Uber has a significantly higher value than the traditional companies General Motors and Ford Motor.

Due to the recent losses on the stock exchanges was in the past few days, already been speculated that the time for Always be the Premiere could prove to be unhappy. For skepticism also ensured, that Always be the smaller rival Lyft, which went public in March at the stock exchange, could not convince investors.

Uber had acted in the determination of the price range already reserved. Last year, Uber was trusted to a rating of 120 billion dollars.

Uber investor attracts a strong growth. 2018, the revenues increased in the year-on-year by 42 percent to 11.3 billion dollars. In driving core business growth in the last quarters, however, brought it to a Halt. In addition, Uber makes high losses. Excluding special revenues through the sale of business with a Minus of nearly $ 1.9 billion fell to share of the past year.

critics accuse the organization of ignoring labor standards and laws. In several cities in the USA and in the UK, Uber has had a strike-driver this week, to highlight the discrepancy between their working conditions and the expected profits of the investors in the IPO closely. For About three million riders in the world.