Involved agents of the NKVD to the Japanese attack on pearl Harbor

Another 18/01/20 Involved agents of the NKVD to the Japanese attack on pearl Harbor

With the outbreak of the Second world war, the situation in the Soviet Union is seriously complicated. From the West, despite the prisoner-aggression Pact, inexorably approaching the impending war with Nazi Germany. In the far East, serious concerns were caused by the actions of Japan. With the aim to direct the possible aggression of the rising sun away from our borders, intelligence agencies of the Soviet Union planned and carried out the operation “Snow”. The software engineering and the performance of it is called the masterpiece of national intelligence.

the Background

About “Snow” is known primarily from the memoirs of her party – the General-Lieutenant Vitaly Pavlov, who worked in the KGB.

Pavlov said that in October 1940 he was summoned to the office of Commissar of internal Affairs Lavrenti Beria. Here he has become aware of the main details of the operation aimed to “push” the United States and Japan.

in addition to Pavlov and Beria in the secret of the upcoming event was dedicated to at least two more people. One of them was a spy Iskhak Akhmerov, who, for more than 10 years in the USA, and the other head of the foreign intelligence Pavel Fotin. It is noteworthy that Beria demanded the complete destruction of all papers that are relevant to operations.

“It was a strange order, and implemented it thoroughly,” writes Pavlov.

the Plan

Moscow decided to use bonds Akhmerova in the Ministry of Finance of the United States. The Soviet agent was out on Harry Dexter white, the son of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. This statesman, known in Washington as an ardent anti-fascist, successfully influenced the Minister of Finance, Henry Morgenthau, and through him and other senior members of the government, up to President Roosevelt. Soviet intelligence assigned a white code names, “Cashier” and “Associate”

Pavlov was supposed to meet with Whitom, and to instill in him the idea that Japanese expansion into the Asia-Pacific region represents a danger for the United States.

it is Noteworthy that the name “Snow” operation received in Association with the surname white (“white”).


Arriving in the capital of the United States in the spring of 1941 under the guise of a Soviet diplomatic courier, messenger Beria arranged a meeting with white at the restaurant. Pavlov has introduced another-sinologist bill – under this name white first knew Akhmerova. According to one version, Pavlov did not hide that he works at the Soviet Embassy, according to another spy posing as a Russian white emigres living in China.

Pavlov told a close friend of the Minister that the bill went to China, but asked to convey information about what is happening in this country, which suffered from Japanese aggression. However, he added that he fully agrees with the views of his friend.

the Seeds fell on fertile soil. Harry white has admitted that he has concerns about the situation in the far East and even planned to consult on the matter with experts.

the Result of

in the Autumn of 1941 on the Desk of President Franklin Roosevelt proved to be notes relating to the foreign policy situation in Asia. They contain messages that white is simply copied from the papers received from Pavlov.

November 26 Washington showed Tokyo “hull Note” — package of 10 requirements, signed by the Secretary of state. The Americans insisted that the Japanese troops left China and French Vietnam. Another item was listed the gap with Germany. Unlikely in diplomacy, the US could have guessed that this list was conceived a year ago in the office of Beria.

a harsh response from Japan, which was counting on Russian, followed immediately. The Prime Minister of Hideki Tojo took note as ultimatum and on December 7 gave the fleet the order to attack pearl Harbor. Subsequently, Tojo, recognized war criminal, claimed that the Asian war was provoked by the allies.

Until 1945 the Japanese Empire was not to the Soviet Far East. In Moscow could not be afraid of war on two fronts.

as for Harry white, for his connection with Communist intelligence turned out badly. After the war, he was subjected to during this persecution, and in 1948, he committed suicide.

Timur Sagdiyev

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