Friedhelm Boginski, FDP, MdB, spricht im Bundestag. Berlin, 18.05.2022 Berlin Deutschland *** Friedhelm Boginski, FDP, MdB, speaks in the Bundestag Berlin, 18 05 2022 Berlin Germany Copyright: xThomasxTrutschel/photothek.dex

The public prosecutor’s office in Neuruppin is investigating the FDP member of the Bundestag and former Eberswalde mayor Friedhelm Boginski on suspicion of corruption. Frank Winter, senior public prosecutor responsible for corruption proceedings, confirmed on Monday that it was about a property sale by an investor in 2021, which was only possible with the consent of the city to obtain an urban development contract.

The entrepreneur involved, who wanted to sell the property to a subsidiary of the Vonovia group, is said to have previously donated to the local FDP association in the federal election campaign. Boginski had confirmed to RBB that he knew about the donation and that campaign costs were also being covered.

However, he denied that the donation had an impact on his work as mayor and the execution of the new contract. Winter said the entrepreneur was being investigated on suspicion of bribery. The RBB reported first. When asked, Boginski’s office initially did not comment on the procedure.

In another case, following investigations by the Frankfurt (Oder) public prosecutor’s office, the Barnim district office initiated disciplinary proceedings against Boginski for breach of trust. In January 2022, the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt (Oder) began investigations into suspected infidelity. The trigger was also a report by the RBB.

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The FDP politician is said not to have separated between his office as mayor and his electoral activities during the federal election campaign. He is said to have used his then secretary from the mayor’s office during her working hours for the town hall in the election campaign. At the request of the district office, the Bundestag lifted the immunity of the FDP MP at the beginning of July.

Boginski was mayor of Eberswalde from 2006 to 2021. In September 2021 he was elected to the Bundestag for the FDP. He is regarded as a veteran of the Brandenburg liberals.