(Moscow) Moscow summoned the American, British and Canadian ambassadors on Tuesday accusing them of “interference” in Russian affairs, Russian news agencies reported, citing the Foreign Ministry.

The exact reason for the summons was not immediately specified, but the day before, Russian diplomacy had denounced the criticism of these diplomats after the sentencing of the Russian-British opponent Vladimir Kara-Mourza to 25 years in prison for “ high treason ”.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hinted that the three ambassadors — American Lynne Tracy, British Deborah Bronnert and Canadian Alison LeClaire — might be summoned “ to remember what what diplomats should and should not do”.

On Tuesday, Russian diplomacy supported its position, denouncing the “flagrant interference” of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada in Russian “internal affairs”.

The conviction of opponent Vladimir Kara-Mourza sparked outrage in Western countries, which notably deplored a “scandalously severe” sentence and “abusive use of judicial power”.