According to the health care professional to Mark Seubert is in view of the current pattern is good, if a person’s condition is already thinking about whether or not they are, if they are infected with the corona virus, the intensive care unit to be treated. That said, the intensivist, in a conversation with

now, Decisions about whether or not to treat nursing homes and general practitioners, in partnership with the family and the patient, are not a new phenomenon. And, even now, to find the place. It’s one of the reasons why most of the people that die from the corona virus is not in the intensive care unit have been positioned.

“of course, It is also good if you’re patient, that’s a heavy track, however, is willing to take on,” said Seubert, who as an internist-intensivist and, since 2007, specializing in the use of the intensive care unit. “But it is a good idea to have it at least once with a neighbor and mentioned it to an acute point.”

It is not in order to save room. Seubert, “But keep in mind that this battle is in the current situation, even just to fill in.” Loved ones will be hardly accepted, and, if that’s at all may be considered to be one and the same person. “It is very, very painful.”

In the icu, it is just a matter of time to buy it
was, the 47-year-old Seubert, last weekend it was still working in a given hospital is “below the rivers”. It is in the intensive cares to really press on with the fight against the corona virus, which in people in the icu, it is like it is, with a very serious pneumonia.

The disease causes the lungs to not be able to get enough oxygen. If it is necessary for patients on ventilators.

“What is most striking in those patients in the icu is that there is a lot of pressure is placed on the breath to increase the distance between the alveoli and the blood vessels are as small as possible, so that there is a sufficient amount of oxygen into the blood flow,” explains Seubert out. That’s one of the reasons is that the patients are asleep, can be brought to this form of treatment is to wake up will not be tolerated.

“this way, we buy time,” says Seubert says. It is then up to the body, in order to “own the virus and to clean it”. There is no medication to be found. However, as a proportion of the patients, and the therapies in onderzoeksverband, in the hope that it catches on. However, the results are not yet known.

“In the treatment of patients with COVID-19 in the icu, you will need to be sharp when it comes to the controls of the ventilator to prevent further damage to the lungs and to prevent it,” explains Seubert out. That ventilation will take weeks, and that’s a long time, due to the fact that patients are usually an average of a few days in the intensive care unit stay.

The garrison, to the number of beds on the ic and therefore runs more quickly, and with it also the pressure. It is expected that on april 1, sixteen hundred beds in the icu are occupied at a time. The quantity of beds, there is still some way off.

the Number of coronaviruspatiƫnten on the ic, and The search for answers goes through the

Itself is running Seubert 24 hour shifts. He holds his job and is sleeping next to the hospital. In the mean time, the search for answers to questions about this disease.

but how can it be, for instance, that children below the age of ten is practically not affected by the corona virus, as they have low immune system, it asks Seubert out loud.

And if you are a parent, you can take your immune system to be weaker. But it’s a fifty – or sixty-year old, not as fast, gets worse as the immune system of a person of twenty-five. “So there needs to be more,” said Seubert.

“One of the things that we would not be prepared to take it, is that the virus takes advantage of a part of the immune system itself,” says the intensivist. “The virus attaches itself to a particular type of immuuncel, and spreads further into the lungs.”

the most Important thing is that we don’t have too many patients are getting

“our research is now based on the treatment of patients with COVID-19, and in particular, on how infection can be prevented,” says Seubert. “It’s important now that we don’t have too many patients for them.”

According to Seubert’s only a matter of time before there is a vaccine. “At the beginning of the disease, it is like a big dark room where you have all the trips,” says he. “But in the long run, that room is really well lit. We’re not going to be on this beast is coming down, but we are going to largely be under the thumb, into the world.”