Inessa Armand: what really happened to Lenin's lover

History 08/01/20 Inessa Armand: what really happened to Lenin’s lover

it would Seem that the death of Inessa Armand was not anything mysterious. On the way to the resort’s lover and ally of Vladimir Lenin contracted cholera and died. That’s just the circumstances of her death are many strange episodes. And the consequences of leaving Armand of life influenced Vladimir Ilyich is not the best way.

the Caucasus instead of France

In fact, in 1920, Inessa Armand was going to go to France. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, of course, promised all assistance to his mistress. However, in a letter, the text of which is given in the publication “Faith, Hope, Love… Women’s portraits,” the leader showed concern about the decision of Armand. “Or be arrested will not be released for a long time. Not to go North or South? By Sergo (Ordzhonikidze) in the Caucasus?” – Lenin wrote. In the end she agreed to go to the Caucasus. Especially because her youngest son Andrew was ill with tuberculosis and treatment in the climatic health resort could have a beneficial impact on the health of the boy.

Soon Inessa Armand, along with his son departed for Kislovodsk. A month later, according to Leonid Mlechin, author of “10 leaders. From Lenin to Putin”, in the name of Vladimir Ilyich received a telegram with the tragic news of the death of Armand. According to the official version, the ally leader died on 24 Sep 1920 of cholera. The body of INES is transported from the Caucasus to Moscow for almost three weeks. That is why the funeral was held only on October 12. It is noteworthy that his last refuge Inessa Armand, found in the necropolis near the Kremlin wall. However, this is not the only episode in the history of the sudden death of Armand, which is still a surprise to historians.

Stop in Beslan

Most researchers are inclined to believe that Inessa Armand contracted cholera in Beslan. As he writes in his book “this love no one needs to know. Inessa Armand and Vladimir Lenin” Rihanna Armeni, beloved of Lenin on the way back from Kislovodsk to Moscow had to stop in Beslan because by this point she ended the products. Along with Armand was not just her son Andrew, but also a pregnant girlfriend Ludmila, Ludmila husband, also a TB patient and a doctor Rifleman with his wife, who also was pregnant. Therefore, roam the city in search of food, in addition to Inessa, it was in essence no one. Armand managed to get milk, some eggs and fruit.

However, the joy of the former campers from the extraction Armand marred the impression which it made upon them little station in Beslan. Boris Sokolov in his book “Lenin and Inessa Armand,” writes: “the Station Beslan at that time was terribly dirty, full with restrooms, canteen was not.” However, according to Sokolov, cases of infection with cholera at that time in Beslan was not observed. Yes, and ate, and drank Inessa Armand, what they ate and drank her companions. That’s just sick she’s the only one. Moreover, reaching the nal, where Armand and met his death in the first few hours she was feeling quite cheerful.

the Strange death and its aftermath

Indeed, according to Jeremiah Parnova, author of “skeleton in the closet”, the disease Inessy Armand had developed so suddenly and was noted for such rapid flow that “it is time to think of a strong poison.” The fact that, according to Parnov, the severity of disease is determined by the amount of fluid lost. But even if we assume that Armand observed the heaviest IV for dehydration, then she left the life of still too fast. And another strange thing: it turns out, died Inessa Armand is not in a hospital bed, as many believe, including Rihanna Armeni. Andrey Artamonov, the author of the publication “the State of the Caucasian Mineral Waters”, States that she died in a three-storey building of the district Cheka in the city of Nalchik, located on Boulevard street.

did all this, Vladimir Ilyich, is unknown. Oneto the death of Inessa Armand, certainly crippled it. Angelica Balabanova, a participant of the funeral ceremony, the words of which are given in the book Lily Huseynova “Lenin and Armand. Love and revolution”, recalled that during the funeral of the leader seemed to her pitiful and fallen spirit. Famous revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai wrote about the fact that Lenin followed the coffin “with his eyes closed and seemed about to fall.” Moreover, Kollontai stated that the sudden death of Inessa Armand hastened the illness of Lenin. And really, as you know, after just 3 years and he died Vladimir Ilyich.

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