All of the citizens were called upon to tax to 2019. There is a behind-the-scenes a lot of work. Jones, IT project manager at the Tax and customs administration, is in charge of about 30 people who are engaged in the personal income tax. Together, they are used for ICT impact.

George: “in My team’s processes and controls aangiftesystemen that will be used internally; the beheerkant behind-the-scenes. As a team leader, I work directly with the factory floor to. I have worked with a variety of developers, from people who specialise in Java to be USED. The fact that I do not own programming skills I have, make me accept it. They don’t know that I know what I’m talking about, and that’s very important.”

to see People grow up,

George is listening to what is happening on the shop floor to play, and try to consistently have a direction and a vision for the future is to continue to. “On the one hand, I’m a lot of fires to put out, on the other hand, when I look at the long-term. I love to work and love to see people grow. The combination of project and people management, it is, for me, is perfect.”

“I love to see people grow,”

you can Self-evolve to a different level of management, it is for a Girl you don’t have. “However, it would be best that I be in five years, a department of 140 people, including me.”

innovate and improve < / p> At the Tax office trying to Gert and his team are always innovating and improving. “Take, for example, the way in which the media has on us, is the message; that brings a lot of problems with it. What could be better than that? What short-term targets, we can prepare for some of the effects to be brought about in the long term. I am working on it. I try to focus on the quality of growth.”

“What I have is so great about working for the Irs? The social impact. What we have done, is all. The payment of the tax must be for a purpose which we all have to contribute to it.”

Power your business
ICT project manager, believes that it is important that he has the energy of his work. As a nice side-effect of the Tax and customs administration, that is, the freedom of movement within the organisation. Girl: “It’s such a big organization, if you are on one of the department’s no longer like it, you can always switch between them. In addition, it is possible to continue to grow, especially at the management level. All of these factors make it is that I’m very happy you like my work.”

would you like to be like you Intend to deal with the real impact of ICT in the Tax administration? Then take a look at the