Leuven, The ku Leuven pharmacists to keep up to this day their hearts are fixed. For the third night in a row, it was a break-in at a pharmacy to be established. This time it was the Pharmacy of the Speed of the turn. In order to enter, they had to have a window broken.

Martin in Dutch) of the Pharmacy and the Speed is still a joke, but if they break you are facing. “It’s a bit of a cold so, with that broken window.” It’s funny, it really wasn’t. There are burglars on the job at the ku Leuven, with a clear preference for the pharmacy. Martin is hoping that the culprits are quickly caught. “I’ve got good hopes on it. The police have bewakingsbeelden of me. That is, to see how a child, without a ski mask, but wearing a cap and dark clothes, with a rod of iron used to make the window work. It happened at around 2 in the morning. Perhaps there was then, even with a companion, waiting for us. When the alarm went off, the man is going to walk away. It seemed to me that in any case is not a professional thief-to-be,” says Martin.

In the night between Wednesday and Thursday, beat the windows of the pharmacy Multipharma at the Baron August de Becker Remyplein in. Then they took the contents of the dekassa, no more than two euros to join. The lab was on the spot of a crime scene. The night before, there was a burglary at a pharmacy in the Parkstraat in the centre of brussels. The intruders got in through the rear of the property. They went away with the change in the cash register, was also present. “It’s going to be the same modus operandi. We are investigating whether the same offenders are going to,” says politiewoordvoerder Marc Vranckx.