TV’s In all the morning, assembled yesterday at the airport of brussels, the artists who are each other’s repertoire, it will cover in the new season of “for the Love of music’. Among them, hitmachine Regi Penxten (43), in a group of full-blooded singing men and singing women still have a bit of a strange duck in the bite. “To sing? I am going to be the people, not to hurt.”

It was clean and in an unchristian hour to collect blown into the street by car. For the flight from 6.55 an hour to the city and pick up all the performers – with the exception of the post – 5 o’clock in the morning on the appeal is expected. Andre Hazes, the new king of the Netherlands music, is scheduled to leave from the airport on their own way to Spain. That was the fun of it, even if it was for the motley company, I closed the coffee needed to get going. “At half past four to get up to the programme, and that it is not for the Love of music'”, he laughs in the winter, when he teamed up with Karen Damen and a pile of suitcases in the entrance hall, walk into. “This is usually the time I get home.”

Among the seven contestants of the new season – apart from in the winter, Karen Damen, and Hazes are also taking The Starlings, Another Thomas, Peter Van Laet and Sean Dhondt part of the province Limburg, dj is the odd man out in this trio. “To sing, I go to the people, not to hurt”, he laughs in the winter. I do, however, have a couple of backing vocals, but that is where it will stay. Fortunately, there are a few of the singers happen to me it will help. I know everyone in this group is very good, and look very much forward to this week of music-making.

Though it is not very often that I take my family for a full week of leave, and that’s very exciting. I can go to them with hard work.”