Showbiz was an early rise for the Belgian artists ‘Love of Music’. At five o’clock in the morning, collected from the airport by car to Spain for a week of musical entertainment. André Hazes was not at all that will in advance of the flight.

“this is Usually the time I get home,” said in the winter, and while he has a cup of Starbucks coffee you ordered at the airport by car. There, they gathered the artists for the new season of ” for the Love of Music’. Sean Dhondt was first on the scene, followed quickly by Peter Van Laet, Mom’s Coat, and Tom, Dice, and Kato from The Starlings. Also, Gene Thomas was right on time for the event. “Thank you, my children, that to me at the time, I have to learn to stand up,” a voice said.Karen Damen and Regi were the last to be a little bit too late, but in plenty of time to have group shots, and check-in.

Andre Hazes picked up his luggage, and the plane in amsterdam Schiphol airport and the rest of the group at the Barcelona meeting. After that, you will travel in the direction of Sitges, where they have for more than a week in each other’s music will do. That is a surprising musical gems, be it in the spring, and by 2020, it is released in season 6 of ” for the Love of Music’ on tv.

find out how the arrival went smoothly?