In the Novosibirsk region revealed 76 patients with coronavirus

Oberstab Novosibirsk region announced new data on ill with the coronavirus at 11 a.m. may 21. For the past day has infected 76 people.

— In the Novosibirsk region for days coronavirus infection identified 76 people. Discharged with negative results of control tests 43 patients. Died 2 people. Male 60 years old woman and 59 years old, according to the summary oberstab.

in Total, the region was 1881 case of infection of the coronavirus, including 122 children. 773 people have recovered, died 25 patients.

In intensive care units is now 71 people. On a ventilator — 18 patients. In children’s hospital No. 3 admitted 54 children with suspected coronavirus, including with a confirmed diagnosis. Adult patients with suspected COVID-19 and diagnosed in hospitals of Novosibirsk — 1466.

3 people hospitalized in Toguchinskiy CRH, 5 people located in Cherepanovskiy CRH, 4 — in Suzunskiy, 2 — in Kochenevsky, 4 patients in Karasukskiy CRB and 1 person was hospitalized in Kuibyshev CRH.

In the Novosibirsk region currently held 85 268 tests for coronavirus.

Under medical supervision are 2604 people and 14 824 — removed from the observation.