In the mayoralty of Novosibirsk has told, when will the repair work on the entrance to Akademgorodok

on Tuesday, July 21, it became known, when will all major road works on Berdsk of highway. Including in September it is planned to complete the overhaul of the interchange at the intersection of the Berdsk highway and the prospectus of Builders. Earlier it was reported that the entrance to the campus will finish repairing only in 2021. Now here is added to one lane on entry and exit from the campus.

— Many copies have been broken in the debate about what should be a roundabout at the entrance to the campus. Due to the shortage of time and resources, it was decided to issue a planar junction. It will significantly defuse the tense situation unfolding at the entrance to the neighborhood. The maximum that could be done in the planar version, there done, said the mayor Anatoly Elbow. — In September will be fully prepared road surface, opens the movement. Next year will have updated traffic signals and lighting. This year we plan to finish repair work on all parts of the Berdsk highway. Thus, given the Original street and red Avenue for a few years we update any of significant part of the roads of the right Bank, has been held on the repair of objects in the framework of the national project BCAD (national project “Safe and quality roads”) to the mayor Anatoly Elbow.