In some cases, women in Russia forgave infidelity

Another 21/12/19 In some cases, women in Russia forgave infidelity

the Russian peasant women is not all promiscuity with men belong to the category of fornication. For what they were not subjected to censure.

the category of fornication was not a situation where the girl (e.g., age 15) married a young man, who later for many years was leaving for military service, and she started a relationship on the side. First, she waited a long time for the Lord’s return, and secondly, he could die at any moment and leave her a widow.

the Peasants justified her betrayal of the natural needs of the body.

Not had time to enjoy the “woman’s happiness” of the widow if living and the dead men, who found solace in a strange male’s shoulder and even gave birth to this child when he deserved pity and understanding of the villagers. All comments to the man who rushed to marriage.

In Russian villages reacted calmly to the so-called fornication from despair when her husband, due to the physiological issues could not satisfy the spouse.

the Woman was a married lady and have not experienced a “sense of hunger”.

In the period of serfdom the peasant, at the invitation of the landlord who visited his bedroom, was not perceived as loose women, as was this step not willingly, but by compulsion.

They actually became the victims of the limitless power of the master, who could afford to take advantage of any woman.

the phenomenon was so widespread that received even a single definition — “a boon to woman.”

According to historian Basil Selskogo, many Russian landlords, who lived abroad, especially in superintending their ancestral lands, to surrender to a dissolute life.

the arrival of the master Manager was preparing a list of young farmers, which was later gratified master. And after he was gone from the estate, hso “hungry” to go back and repeat.

However, according to historian Boris Tarasov, in most estates, the encouragement of fornication have been systematic, and every night to the master’s bed-chamber, according to the “opened queue”, went one of the serfs. Not daring to contradict the master’s will, the peasants humbly took such a betrayal, not seeing her fornication.

Similar to the reaction caused the unwritten right of the master to conduct the wedding night with any bride in his possessions. The landlord argued his dissolute behavior removal from girls original sin, and the bride no one could be called a harlot.

Specific attitude to fornication evident in pre-Christian Russia, when people lived by different moral laws. According to Alexander Afanasyev, prevailed in society fertility cult influenced the girls ‘ behavior, which gratified his lust.

the Byzantine historian Mauritius Strategist, who visited Russia in the sixth century, in his notes, noted the free nature of Russian girls, shamelessly indulge in amorous pleasures before marriage.

In ancient times, the chastity of the girl was considered rather than as a value and as evidence of her sexual unattractiveness and ineptitude, which the husband could chase her out of the house after the wedding night.

Historian Dmitry ilovaysky noted that unmarried girls in Russia have enjoyed absolute freedom, it is easy to meet young men in pagan merrymaking, could surrender him to a secluded place and to negotiate the flight.

special mention deserves the holiday of Ivan Kupala, in the night in some villages immediately after jumping over the fire was started svalny sin, when the youth went to the forest and randomly had sex with each other. According to expert on folk rites Polina Glushkova, this Orgy is not condemned.

Until 1743, when by decree of Catherine the great began to be erected separate male and female baths, the subjects of the Russian crown bathed in aboutBSA. This fact is very alarming foreign travelers not used to such simplicity of manners.

the Byzantine Belisarius, the Venezuelan Francisco de Miranda, the Frenchman Charles Masson believed public baths a hotbed of fornication, however, devoid of false modesty the peasant saw nothing wrong with showering with the opposite sex.

According to the testimony of bath expert Andrew of Cottagers, collective or family visiting the baths were not of a sexual innuendo, and high, could escalate into flirting or specific jokes.

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