In some cases, the Germans finished off their own wounded soldiers

History 15/01/20 In some cases, the Germans finished off their own wounded soldiers

the history of the Second world war led many philosophers to doubt the innate goodness of man. Those who commit even the most heinous crimes have been justified by the fact that only followed orders and followed the laws of war. So probably argued and Wehrmacht officers to seek his own wounded soldiers on the Eastern front.

the Order No. 6321

the fact that the Germans are killing the wounded soldiers, not to mess with them, was more or less clear. However, Soviet propaganda claimed that the Nazis were not spared, and its soldiers. For example, the short film “Spiders” in the “Military kinosbornik № 11” (1942) told of a German army surgeon, who by order of the commandment was injected into a vein doomed to disability patients cubes of air. In the tape mentioned the secret order of Hitler No. 6321, supposedly regulating the killing wounded in hospitals. Was there such a document is actually unknown. However, after a radical turn in the great Patriotic war, when Hitler’s army began to fall back rapidly to the West, there is evidence that the Germans still pursue their.

“before Leaving, the Germans sometimes killed their sick and wounded – only to leave them at the mercy of the victors,” notes British historian Alexander Werth.

Finished a “heavy”

20 Feb 1944″, the Soviet information Bureau” reported that in the course of the Korsun-Shevchenko battle, Soviet soldiers captured the doctor SS Panzer division “Viking” captain Walter Mykhlia. On interrogation he admitted that in the infirmary, where he worked since the beginning of February did the soldiers and officers only with mild and moderate injuries, because, according to him, “officers, acting on the orders of Hitler, were shot all wounded German soldiers.”

perhaps the Fuehrer was in agreement with the logic of its SPOdvernika Goebbels, convinced that each wounded enemy gets his teammates more damage than the victim. But the fact that was used against the enemy, at some point it became true for a private army. Nothing new this practice has not been submitted. In the Middle ages, it was considered that to give the dying a quick death on the battlefield – his or someone else’s virtue. For these purposes there were even special daggers, the handles of which were written Misericordia (mercy). It is worth considering that “racial morality”, which guided the Nazis had from 1939 allowed for the implementation of the program of euthanasia. Nazi doctors killed children with developmental disabilities and the mentally ill. And such views were very close to finish the installation of the wounded cannot be transported.

“Mercy” is partisan

meanwhile, dealt with its not only the Nazis. Similar cases took place on the Soviet front, although for many years this was not accepted to speak. Only in 1977 about the phenomenon decided to write in the novel-chronicle “Beyond mercy line”, the former soldier and partisan Dmitry Gusarov. From his book we learn that the partisans in Karelia had been regularly wounded comrades. In the absence of bases and the support of local people in groups simply does not remain other exit. Were targeting not only the wounded, but “goners” – weakened by hunger fighters. In recognition of the Gusarova, in the book, he “could not describe everything that was there”. The existence of such practices was confirmed and the veteran Petr Kuznetsov:

“a Young woman-not a field medic of our squad was wounded in the thigh above the knee. And it also shot. And I also told the boys:

– As you can? She saved you!”

But not ordinary guerrillas have taken such a decision. “They were victims themselves – if not today, then tomorrow” (quoted from the book of Konstantin Gnetnev “Karelian front: secrets of the forest wars”).

you Can, of course, this cruelty to be attributed to the personal qualities of the commanders of guerrilla groups. Onhowever, there is reason to believe that similar things are practiced “folk” wherever the conditions of war was similar to Karelian. Fortunately, the widespread phenomenon of denying the wounded still did not.

Timur Sagdiyev

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