In NSO from the coronavirus died three people

From the coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region has died three people.

are men at the age of 63, 67 and 85 years, — is spoken in the message of regional oberstab on Koidu.

in Total, the region from coronavirus infection died 306 people.

this week the NHS told the story of the nurses of polyclinic № 16 Nina Zatonskih, who died from kovida. Relatives of the women told me where she got it and how was the disease.

on may 28 from the coronavirus has died 57-the summer nurse of the city clinical hospital № 34 Natalia Oriole. After six days of oberstab said: “he Died one patient, a woman aged 57 years.” What is the health care provider, is nowhere stated. Relatives of the deceased nurses believe that she contracted on the job. Friends and family urged her to go on vacation or on sick leave. Details in the NGS material.