In Novosibirsk HEINEKEN along with restaurateurs preparing hot meals doctors

the Russian division of the international concern HEINEKEN is sponsoring restaurants who on their own help health workers to fight the coronavirus is very easy and delicious way — with hot meals in the field.

Doctors, nurses and orderlies of Novosibirsk and the whole country was in difficult conditions due to coronavirus infection. Patients arrive in medical facilities without any interruption, the doctors work 12 or more hours.

One of the most effective ways to support doctors to develop hot meals and comfort to physicians did not interrupt the work and not left for a long time the area of responsibility.

Network of restaurants “Own company” and with a HEINEKEN will do the job — they will be fed conveniently packaged dinners three hospitals: Novosibirsk State regional clinical hospital, City clinical infectious hospital and the ambulance station.

2500 Lunches to support the main fighters for the health!

“Doctors now work virtually for wear, save lives every day. Now it is not easy, and we try to help in any way that it is in our power to provide meals, personal protective equipment, refreshments and support”, — told in the HEINEKEN.

Similar projects launched in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ufa, Yekaterinburg and Khabarovsk. In a pandemic coronavirus HEINEKEN helps local communities around the world.

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