In England a young football player raped and killed friend

Young semi-professional player of English club “Newcastle town” Joseph Trevor received a life sentence for the rape and murder of 18-year-old friend. 19-year-old madman killed Megan Newton because she gossiped about him with friends.

the trial of the murderer took place in these winter days, and the tragic incident is it in April last year. Newton after work went to a nightclub, where she met Trevor, who I knew from school. The girl invited him to spend the night at her house, where young people consumed alcohol and allegedly drugs.

the player stretched trail of earlier accusations of rape and, according to him, the quarrel with the victim occurred on this ground: according to the publication Daily Star, the young man was angered by the fact that the girl had discussed the story with friends.

In the end, the quarrel ended in rape and murder. Police found the corpse of the girl with nine stab wounds from which she died. Militiamen detained Trevou, he confessed to the crime and the court gave him life in prison.