His surprising election in September 2021 had brought a breath of fresh air to Berlin’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). Now it seems that this wind is sweeping him out of the most prestigious honorary position in Berlin’s economy: Daniel Jan-Girl has to resign at the next session of the General Assembly, the chamber’s highest decision-making body, on June 28th. Reason: In the elections carried out in the past few weeks, he no longer received the necessary votes for a seat in the General Assembly in the. This was announced by the IHK on Tuesday afternoon.

According to this, more than 17,000 entrepreneurs cast their votes for 230 candidates. This corresponds to a turnout of 6.3 percent of all companies in the capital. You are automatically a member of the IHK.

The 41-year-old girl sat on the presidency of the chamber for many years and surprisingly prevailed over Tobias Weber, member of the presidency, in the election for president last September. The managing director and owner of the company City Clean was nominated by the previous Chamber President Beatrice Kramm. But Girl convinced the majority of the delegates with a good performance, observers said at the time.

In her first few months, Girl made a name for herself with topics such as digitization and sustainability in the economy and promoted her idea that Berlin should host a world exhibition Expo in 2035. Apparently that wasn’t enough to make him well known to a broad public.

He did not prevail in his “Business Services” constituency. A member of the General Assembly, who asked not to be named, sees Girl’s assignment in this constituency, which serves as a reservoir for all companies that cannot be assigned to any other industry, as an important reason for failure. The competition here is particularly high. The person does not believe that Girl was actively voted out for political reasons.

“I thank the 230 candidates very much for their willingness to get involved in the next General Assembly,” Girl said in a chamber press release. He is pleased that the renewal course initiated last year is now being successfully completed and two-thirds of the Induct new members into the General Assembly.

With almost 47 percent of women entrepreneurs, the next AGM will be significantly more female and diverse than all previous general assemblies. “I am happy to make my place available for this. The projects initiated by a strong team in the last eight months will certainly have a lasting impact on the work of the IHK in the future.”