In antwerp Today, the brothers are Filming their new cookbook, ‘Hoffy’the jewish kitchen’.

for over 30 years, a benefit for the family of Her in the Lange Kievitstraat, the jewish restaurant Hoffy’s. They serve kosher food, for both meat and fish eaters as vegetarians, using local produce. The restaurant is described as ‘an orthodox and a hip, kosher and cool.


Father of Her lost, during the war, and his wife, and their four children. [citation needed] After the war he married a new wife, and, after much wandering, the family is in the middle of the previous century, in Antwerp, belgium. They have just opened a shop enkregen together, eleven sons and one daughter. Later, they started their sons ‘ Moishi, Janki, and As the restaurant Hoffy’s in the Lange Kievitstraat.Their small business was successful, and it is already known to be in New York city.

‘Hoffy’the jewish kitchen’ for 35,50 euros obtained by the Experiment. The recipes are divided into five distinct sections which refer to the jewish feasts. Finally, there is also a section of everyday living.