I promised Baron Wrangel, the French for helping in the Civil war

History 12/02/20 promised Baron Wrangel, the French for helping in the Civil war

By the summer of 1920 the civil war in the former Russian Empire were not in favor of whites. Anti-Bolshevik forces in South commanded by General Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, under whose control it remained only the Crimean Peninsula. The commander in chief and the government of South Russia, headed by the President by Krivoshein realized that without the support of the West in the Civil war, not to win.

to Save the white forces could only political recognition from Western countries and the loans necessary for independent procurement of arms and military equipment. Wrangell reproached his predecessor Denikin that he abandoned in exchange for helping Britain and France to grant them special economic privileges. Petro was more pliable and made a bid for the French.

At his command in the summer of 1920, the Finance Ministers Bernatsky alerted the French that the government of Wrangel and Denikin recognize the tsarist debts. To compensate for past and new loans it is prepared food and raw materials with controlled territory, as well as reclaimed in the future the Bolsheviks regions. The French have agreed and acknowledged the government of Southern Russia, whose armed forces had to act jointly with the Polish army.

Wrangel was transferred a loan of 100 million francs, however, is not money, but in presentation. Here only the conditions under which France supported his former ally, would be for “Russia-winner” disaster. Old merit a staunch ally of the Entente to France would be reset. The territory of the former Russian Empire would become an ordinary colony.

the French were protecting their investments

According to the agreement with Wrangel Russia had over 35 years to repay the loan with priority interest. Guarantee the fulfillment of Russia’s obligations performed pereduca France:

the right of management of the railway network throughout European part of Russia;

authority to collect duties from the ports of Black and Azov sea;

surplus bread is collected in the Kuban region and Ukraine. The grain volume is determined by the pre-war export figure.

three quarters of crude oil and gasoline. Guide are pre-war figures

25% mined in the Donetsk coal district.

In the financial, industrial, trade Ministry of Russia had established a French office and the Commission. France restored the military and the military industry of Russia and signed with her twenty-year Union. Economic power was in effect for 35 years since the victory over Wrangel the Bolsheviks. However, the deadline had to be defined in a separate agreement.

Without the cost of the nationalized enterprises of the new government has pledged to swim 18, 5 billion gold rubles, which was equal to 5 annual budgets of the Russian Empire. The contract fell through the efforts of the British, who for fear of strengthening the position of France, organized a leak of information.

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