Tennis-Nick Kyrgios is one of the Australians who are in the finals week of the Davis Cup against Belgium. However, on the other, the head of the World clearly haven’t been to. Twitter takes Kyrgios to Casper Ruud, a Norwegian player who is the “bad boy” in an interview with “being crazy” and “idiotic” to it.

the Flash , and 16 of may of this year. Kyrgios wrote a new chapter in his fratsenboek. In the second part of the masterstoernooi in Rome, in the Australian, “bad boy,” complete with the ribbon. Kyrgios lost to said to be calm after he’s booing was heard. The World was bright, rage against the lijnrechter, viseerde of the people in the crowd, when he kicked a waterbottle away, and put his tennis racket on the court. Then he threw also a chair of the lucht.De umpire gave him a game penalty and then that penalty in the World couldn’t tame, it was decided to put an end to the match, and Kyrgios to be out of the race.

Kyrgios’ opponent that day, Casper Ruud, celebrated his ‘victory’ as excessive. Kyrgios mentioned that the reaction may faint,and in an interview with the Tennisportalen sharing Website in turn for a little bit uit.De I said, among other things, that Kyrgios “completely mad” to take place during the competition in Rome, and that he was an “idiot” on the tennis court. The words came out Kyrgios in the meantime, to hear, and We responded to you on Twitter if stung by a wasp.“If you have something to say to you, I would appreciate it if you will, that in the face would do it,” he writes Kyrgios. “I am sure that you will not carry out. Until then, I’d rather watch paint dry than go to a tennis match for you. That is tremendously boring.”

the Conditional suspension

a deliberate outbreak in Rome (see the video above), this was also not the last “achievement” of Kyrgios this season. After six weeks of investigation, said the ATP, at the end of september, with a penalty for Kyrgios, after that in Cincinnati, the match referee, had been the dirt of the street, and to which he could object. The highly flammable Australian, was given a conditional suspension of a 16-week, which is effectively the next six months and another one will be notified for verbal or physical aggression, unsporting behaviour, or visual obscenities. In addition, it must Kyrgios, a mental coach, to bring on the tour and in the off-season is also a psychologist on the show. Are the (conditional) penalty 22.841 euros, which comes on top of the 103.245 the euro, which he was in Cincinnati, had to afdokken. All In all, Kyrgios in his career, all 228.400 of euros in fines to pay.

VIDEO: the eccentricities of a Kyrgios, in Cincinnati.