Oleh Psyuk, Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, says he has no friends from Russia. “I don’t have any Russian friends, and I’ve never had any,” said the 28-year-old frontman of the band Kalush Orchestra in the news program “RTL direct” on Monday evening.

“As far as culture goes, we have different cultures. Ours is maximally different from the Russian one. We also went to the Eurovision Song Contest with this goal: to show how unique our music and culture are.”

One of the band members is already fighting at the front, said Psjuk, and he and the others are also ready to do so: “We are absolutely open to it, and if we are called up, we will return to Ukraine immediately.” He already has a few friends himself and acquaintances lost: “It’s a tragedy that keeps getting bigger.”

The world should not get used to this war, said Psjuk. “I believe that the news about the war should stay on the front pages because it is not normal to have a cruel war in the heart of Europe in 2022.”