“Around too many cell towers, they carry the coronavirus using 5G in the future will control the mind.” If, like hearing, you cautiously look at encountered towards the base station and become anxious, with the messenger “horror stories” about a misunderstood evil technology, it’s time to remember the simple arguments that will help not to poison your life with unnecessary fears. And to share these arguments with your family, if they suddenly began to succumb to radio-phobia.

Myth: mobile communication irradiates people and brings harm

the Truth: for a man’s only dangerous ionizing radiation, e.g. x-rays.

the Mobile network works through the exchange of information between the phone and the base stations. Your device is “drawn” to the station, which transmits a signal to the node operator. The whole exchange is in the radio.

in order to harm a person, the radio waves are in the diametrically opposite category of weight compared to the more rigid types of electromagnetic radiation.