Hunter on the Tigers: how the red army of Smisek destroyed 6 German tanks

History 09/01/20 Hunter “Tigers”: the army as Smisek destroyed 6 German tanks

Can a foot soldier to destroy a tank? Yes, although it is fraught with difficulties. Especially if we are talking about heavy well armored tanks of the last war. Is it easy to believe that one person can destroy a few tanks, forcing them to retreat? Hardly a Hero of the Soviet Union Roman Smidak he believed in such a possibility, until she was facing the coming “Tigers”.

the occupation of the red army

Vinnytsia region — the birthplace of the Roman Semenovich was occupied at the very beginning of the war. On its territory is one of the bets of Hitler’s headquarters “Werwolf”, so the occupation order was hard enough. After the liberation of the region in 1944, Smisek and his son Gregory joined the ranks of the red army. And in the first battle, already not young (he was 43), a former peasant showed himself a real hero.

it All happened in Romania, where he fought the 50th Infantry division, which served Smisek. Protecting the oil-rich territory, the Germans fought desperately, and here especially he has made repeated counter-attacks. Under one of these and got 3rd rifle company of Sisuka, being almost surrounded. The Germans had cut off the company from the main Soviet troops and rushed to attack her 16 Tigers supported by infantry.

When there are angry, killing six

the feat of the Roman Seshoka described in some detail in the book of memories of his son “Father’s glory”. Despite his inexperience in the military art, Roman kept his head and acted exactly as taught. Hiding in the trenches, he waited the approach of the first tank to the distance of the throw and threw a Molotov cocktail into the engine compartment. “Tiger” blazed.

Second iron giant Smisek first stopped a grenade, damaging his track, and then set fire to the engine compartment. Tankers of the third “Tiger” alert, theviewsis a few dozen meters from the Soviet position. But Seshoka was no longer hold — he crawled to the tank and disabled it as well as the previous one, the grenade and a Molotov cocktail.

the Stock of grenades and bottles the Affair ended and he crawled away to their positions, where they found new ammunition. Soldier managed to hit three more tanks before his concussion shot and covered with earth in the trenches. But the deed was done — the Tigers retreated. They were powerless in the face of just one brave and skilled Soviet soldier. Two weeks after the battle, recovered Smisek was awarded the star of Hero of the Soviet Union in person from the hands of the front commander Rodion Malinovsky.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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