Video games have come a long way since 1958 when the first video game ever was created. The first video games were rather simple and they required the use of the family’s precious television. Since then advances in computer science and the invention of the Internet have changed everything.

Virtual reality in gaming entertainment is yet another milestone. The gaming experience is so immersive, that it cannot be compared to looking at a flat screen, even if it has the latest technology and highest resolution. But is virtual reality the future? Luckily we could discuss this question with Martim Nabeiro, Portuguese iGaming expert and marketing professional. You can find more information about Martim if you click here.

The Future of Virtual Reality

Technological advances come with the speed of light and most people find out about new products, services and games through social media. If you are interested in promoting your iGaming business through social media, you should find out what is the best social media platform for your business.

Going with the trend, some online casinos offer games using virtual reality. If you enjoy VR but are new to online casinos, make sure you read casino reviews before you sign up on an online casino’s website. lists reputable casinos that are licenced to operate in Portugal.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

The gaming experience can become much more immersive by adding layers of virtual objects to the game or by transporting it to a completely virtual world.

Augmented reality means that the gaming environment is augmented. You are playing in a real-world environment but virtual objects are placed in it. Perhaps the best-known example of this is Pokémon Go.

In virtual reality the whole environment is virtual. You can walk through a building that is not there. You can interact with objects that you see and you feel like you are actually in the game.

Types of games where AR and VR are at their best

One doesn’t necessarily need virtual reality while playing chess, however, there are plenty of games where AR or VR makes a huge difference and these are:

  • Shooter games: This is the most popular category of virtual reality online games and it is not hard to imagine why. As a shooter, you feel everything around you. You are surrounded by the sounds of traffic, people’s speech, environmental noises, re-loading your gun, shooting sound etc. The only thing these games are lacking is your movement.
  • Racing games: The graphics and sounds are amazing and you are turning the wheel and stepping on the pedals. This feels almost exactly like real driving.
  • Adventure games: Some of these games are high-octane while others have a slower pace so you can solve puzzles and explore.
  • Casino games: Online casinos have been offering a wide variety of table games for years however, in recent years, live-dealer games have become really popular. With VR the experience is yet another level closer to being in a real casino. Rotating roulette wheels, people around the blackjack table, amazing visuals around slots are just a few examples.

Limitations of VR

The biggest limitation of VR is the cost of the equipment. Even though the prices of the headsets have come down in the past few years, it is still not cheap to buy them.

Another factor is Internet speed. With 5G technology rolling out speed without lag is finally becoming the norm, which is essential for the flawless operation of wireless VR headsets.

The future of VR and AR

The future of virtual reality is promising. In Western Europe, revenue from VR is currently 10 times higher than what it was in 2017.

Portugal, in particular, is very much involved in VR technology. This year, the VR/AR Global Summit was hosted in Lisbon (for the first time away from Vancouver). In 2020 already over 85 companies are creating AR and VR projects in Portugal even in fields outside of gaming, such as education and medicine.


The numbers in revenue indicate the exponential growth of VR in the future. Gaming and virtual reality walk hand in hand and as headset prices are going down and immersive gaming is becoming a thing, surely casinos will offer more and more of this experience.