How to survive Soviet women in German captivity

14/01/20 the story of How they survived the Soviet women in German captivity

Along with the men in German captivity during the great Patriotic war proved to be a huge amount of female fighters of the red army. Examining them, the doctors of the Third Reich could not hide his astonishment. What shocked worldly-wise physicians?

In the German concentration camps of all incoming women were checked by gynaecologists – it was a standard procedure aimed at identifying sexually transmitted diseases. When experts viewed the Soviet prisoners of war, it became clear that 90% of unmarried Russian women under the age of 21 were virgins.

There is a theory that one of the assistants of Hitler handed him a note about this fact, accompanied by gloomy forecasts about the prospects for the invasion of Russia. A country with such morality, according to the author notes, it was impossible to win.

For comparison: in Europe in the 1940s, girls of similar age began to be sexually active, not married.

not all the women prisoners of war managed to survive. As historians write, almost throughout the war, the Nazis were raped, tortured and shot captured by Soviet nurses, telecommunications workers and simoulidis.

In the book of Svetlana Aleksievich “At war not a woman’s face” described the case when the Germans put on the number nineteen, a young nurse. Before that, over her inhuman scoffed Soviet soldiers found a dead body of a girl with gouged out eyes, cut off Breasts and gray hair. Mindful of the possibility of such a fate, many women in the red army always left in reserve one bullet.

Only since March of 1944 the leadership of the Wehrmacht was ordered to send nurses and telecommunications workers in the camp (however, there is evidence that prisoners of other categories got there earlier). In prison, Soviet women have impressed everyone with his resistance.

the Prisoners had to survive interrible sanitary conditions, failing hygiene. From this women have begun cutaneous and other diseases, continued month. In addition, they were forced to work at weaving and even mechanical machines as long as they were able to stay on his feet. Nevypolnima rules “disposed of”.

Women subjected to rape by the guards (Germans and Slavs-policemen) – such cases are noted in Kremenchug, Baranovichi, Millerovo. Girls who when they have sex resisted, satisfied with the punishment called “red fireman”. The victim was inserted into the vagina of a pod of hot pepper, and kept in this position for half an hour. In order not to scream, the prisoner had bit his lip to the blood.

In the largest women’s concentration camp ravensbrück Russian women accounted for a total of 15% of the population. Arrived Soviet prisoners of war from the very beginning behaved defiantly. For example, they refused to sew clothes red triangle with the letter R (Russian), so they invented another designation – SU (Soviet Union). In addition, yesterday’s soldiers demanded that in relation to them comply with the rules of the Geneva Convention, and refused to go to work in the camp, arranging the hunger strike.

One day for some offense Russian appointed a kind of punishment – five hundred women had several hours March to walk on Lagerstrasse here and there. To disrupt the enemy and turn his humiliation into triumph, the girls began while walking the choir to sing in Russian a song “Holy war” than shocked not only the guards but also other prisoners.

When the Soviet troops close to Ravensbrück, the camp guards, who feared retribution for the atrocities, brought all the women are already on “death March” – the Soviet prisoners of war as “demoralizing” the element placed at the end of the column. On 3 may 1945, the prisoners of Ravensbrück was liberated by the red army.

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