If you are a new member of the online poker community, then it is likely that you are still learning the ropes. Poker, even when played through user-friendly sites like Bandarqq, can seem increasingly confusing. If you are still trying to grasp the rules, then one thing you should do right away is memorise the most important poker hand rankings.

The rankings of poker cards in the vast majority of poker games will be similar. Typically, though, you want to try and understand what kind of online poker hands you need to be looking for when playing. What, then, are some of the most important hands that you want to try and pull when playing on online poker platforms like https://viralqq.best?

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is easily one of the most important hands that you can pull when playing any kind of online poker. This will be an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten card. If you can get a set of cards to come up all in the same suit (i.e. hearts, spades etc.) then you will get a Royal Flush.

This is easily one of the best hands that you can pull out during a poker game, and is an essential hand to remember. When you get one of these, bid high!

Four of a Kind

Another popular hand to look out for when playing online poker is Four of a Kind. This means getting four of the same kind of card from each of the various suits. For example, you could pull out four 2 cards; one from each of the four suit members.

This would give you a Four of a Kind, which is only beaten by a very small amount of cards. For example, a Straight Flush (any run of 5 numbers/cards from the same suit) and a Royal Flush can beat a Four of a Kind card pull.

Full House

When you pull a Full House, it means that you have pulled out three of one card and two of another. For example, you could pull out a trio of Jack cards and a pair of 4s. This can be extremely powerful, and it is another set that is hard to beat unless the person that you are playing pulls out a very important card collection such as the Royal Flush.

Hands to avoid

While you might feel comfortable going all-in with a standard Flush or a Straight, you might wish to take things a bit slower. You should avoid getting too excited if you pull something like Two Pair (two of the same card twice, such as two Kings and two 5s), though. These are often not as strong as they might seem; by all means, try and bluff a little, but don’t get too caught up trying to play with a weaker hand.

As ever, you simply need to try and play your hands as they are dealt. With some of the above hands, though, you should now feel better about either playing on or pulling out.