How to catch General Vlasov after the Victory

History 22/01/20 As caught General Vlasov after the Victory

that the Great Patriotic war ended, the head of the ROA General Andrei Vlasov learned while in the Czech Republic. On may 11 he moved to the American zone of occupation. The warlord knew that he was wanted by the soldiers of the red Army, but to go further to the West had not (or would not). The destiny of man, which is on the side of the Nazis fought for the “liberation of the peoples of Russia”, decided the courageous actions of the Soviet captain Mikhail Yakushev.

the Order of Suvorov

July 19, 1945, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR issued a decree on awarding several officers of the red Army. The order of Suvorov II degree was awarded to 23-year-old commander of a motorized infantry battalion of machine gunners Mikhail Ivanovich Yakushev. Document line on the award, now available on the website “memory of the nation” are in the military simply:

“Acting boldly and decisively, with care taken prisoners the captain Yakushev with a small group of soldiers found the traitor Lieutenant-General Vlasov and offered him to surrender. Despite his resistance to the clear superiority in force, the last one was delivered to the command”.

the details of the capture, Vlasov, during which there was a place and the courage and heroism known in the words of Michael Yakushev.

the Pursuit of General

may 15, Yakushev went on reconnaissance in the area of the Czech village Bregi controlled by the Americans. Settled Vlasov, whom Colonel Ivan Mishchenko, the commander of the 162nd tank brigade, the entire previous night without success tried to persuade him to surrender “their”.

Problems in the American transmission has not arisen, and the car with Yakushev and his subordinates drove deep into allied occupied territory. Suddenly, near the forest, the captain saw the men in uniform of the Wehrmacht, but something told him that it was not the Germans. And indeed, shortly before Yakushev was the captain konr Peter Kuchinsky. He’s OKhave salsa trusting colleagues and agreed with their people to proceed to the location of the red Army. Discussing surrender terms, the interlocutors noticed moving West of the convoy, which was accompanied by two American “jeep”.

“It is the division headquarters,” explained Kuczynski.

the chase Began. Only 40 minutes later Yakushev managed to overtake the convoy ROA. The driver turned around and blocked the Vlasov road. First, the car came the closest ally Vlasov, General Bunyachenko that is in the hearts cursed Kuchinsky “crossing over”. The latter, offended, suggested Yakushev, what with the division headquarters moved Vlasov himself. General-the traitor managed to find in the Skoda car, where he stayed with his translator Rosler.

“I opened the back side door and brought the translator out of the car, intending to visit the salon, — said Yakushev in 1996 (cited in the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”. — In this moment from beneath a pile of blankets leaned the man with the glasses, without shoulder straps. The question of who he was, replied: “General Vlasov”. By surprise, I turned to him, “comrade General,” though what he is comrade Vlasov, too, obviously taken aback”.

“one More move and I will shoot You”

First, Vlasov tried to find salvation from the Americans, but they did not mind that the Russians took their traitor. According to Yakusheva, it helped that Vlasov was accompanied by military officers, not the American counterintelligence. The last, most likely, would not so easy to take out so many knew the man as Vlasov. Yakushev got in the car the General and Eyewash ordered the driver to go to the national division of the United States. But then abruptly changed direction. On the lake, when Skoda has lowered the speed limit, Vlasov tried to jump out of salon on the go.

“I managed to grab him by the collar and put a gun to his head, said, “one More move and I will shoot You”. After that, he behaved calmly,” said Yakushev.

Although the trip through unfamiliar territory is not aboutSLAs without difficulty, the evening of the same day the captain was taken prisoner and handed it to the commander of the 25th tank corps. Since Yakushev Vlasov never met. We will add that in the resignation of Mikhail Yakushev came to the post of Colonel in 1971. The veteran died in 2005.

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