How the Germans killed 5 of the most accurate of the red army

Heroes 23/11/19 How the Germans killed 5 of the most impressive soldiers

In the Great Patriotic war, millions of Soviet citizens fought against the Nazis. However, among the soldiers of the red army were the soldiers, military share performance was comparable with the whole company.

the Gunners Khanpasha Nuradilov and Stepan Pugachev

the Most successful fighter of the red army were heavy Khanpasha Nuradilov, who was born in the Dagestani village of mynai-tugay. Fighting since the summer of 1941 to the autumn of 1942, he destroyed more than 700 German soldiers and officers. At 16 years of age Khanpasha Nuradilov was in the ranks of the red army and fought in the Finnish war. After the attack of Nazi Germany served as a driver of gun detachment of cavalry division named after Kotovsky. In Zakharivka village of the Donetsk region, his unit got surrounded. The whole calculation was killed, and the battle continued only wounded Nuradilov. Label machine-gun fire soldier killed 120 German soldiers, and 7 captured.

in the Winter of 1942 in a battle near the village of Fat Belgorod region he, taking up a position on the front line, destroyed fifty enemy fighters. In the spring of 1942, after the battle for the village of Birac, the commander of the Dagestan gunner was sent to the staff report, which claimed that the Sergeant Khanpasha Nuradilov destroyed 200 invaders. For the feat the fighter received the order of the red banner.

the Last battle of the hero occurred at Stalingrad on 12 September 1942 near the village of Serafimovichi. In the battle Nuradilov commanded the machine-gun platoon and, having received a severe wound, he continued to fire, cutting off the enemy infantry from the tanks. Before dying Khanpasha Nuradilov killed more than 200 Germans. Buried the 18 year old hero of the Soviet Union in the centre of stanitsa Bukanovskaya.

Stepan Pugachev was born in Bashkiria and from the first days of the war fought against the Nazis. In premium sheet heavy Pugachev says 350 on podteridernyc dead soldiers and officers, though, according to the comrades of the hero, this figure is 2 times higher. During the crossing of the Dnieper Stepan Pugachev commanded the Department, which is entrenched on the right Bank of the river. In the village Novi Petrivtsi personally destroyed two machine-gun calculations of the Germans, and was awarded the star of Hero of the Soviet Union. Killed Stepan Pugachev in 1944.

the Best snipers of the red army

the Most successful sniper of the red army, Mikhail Surkov, born in Siberia before the war was taiga hunter. On the personal account of Surkov had 702 were killed by the Nazis, and the command decided to attach the two cameramen who recorded the tactics of the arrow.

Frontline cameraman Arkady Levitan recalled: “Mikhail cut in the garden the pumpkin, put on her helmet and stuck about above the parapet of the trench, 400 metres from the Germans. From the enemy this pumpkin helmet “readable” as the head of a soldier. Surkov then crawled into another trench, meters in 40 from the false, made the shot and began to observe. Very soon the pumpkin began to beat – at first it was rifle shots, and then hit the mortar. During the shooting Michael and found the enemy sniper. That day he killed 702-th of the enemy.” For unknown reasons the Hero Union Mikhail Surkov was not given. Awarded sniper only orders of Lenin and red Star.

a Native of Georgia, Vasily Kvachantiradze, in 1941 and fought as a sniper and during the war destroyed 534 German soldier and officer. Vasiliy Shalvovich fought in the Crimea, Stalingrad, Belarus, the Baltic States, Poland, and Germany. 5 times he was wounded.

the Soldier Ivan Sidorenko began the war with mortar and were able to destroy German tank and several trucks. In 1944 Ivan Mikhailovich turned into snipers and had 500 confirmed hits. Command decided to use the skills of a fighter, and Sidorenko topped sniper school, which until the end of the war he trained more than 250 archers.

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see also: editor’s choice, “Russian Seven”what the KGB agreed with the thieves before the Olympics in Masqueoca snipers at the end of the great Patriotic was not wearing a distinctive sakito not relatives of the deceased on pohorence actually hurt Greta Thunberg Recommended article Share: Comments (1) the Comments on the article “How the Germans killed 5 of the most accurate of the red army” 26.11.2019 15:32 ff gg writes:

it was Customary to assume that every sniper shot is a dead German, in fact everything was different. Firing, to lie under the noses of the enemy was only a few minutes, and every girl’s shot — not necessarily hit the target. But when the front was not carried out active combat operations, the sniper activity was the only measure of combat activity, and officers didn’t skimp on the figures in the financial statements.

Vasil Bykov. The price of past battles.

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