How prepared Soviet women snipers in the Great Patriotic

Another 03/01/20 How prepared the Soviet women snipers in the Great Patriotic

Snipers have played an important role on the Eastern front of world war II, and sniper movement of the Wehrmacht wore “catch-up” in nature. German snipers even shoot prefer of the captured Russian rifles, and their tactics were copied by the Soviet. As were preparing the legendary “sormadi shooters” of the red Army?

School snipers

back in the thirties the USSR had developed a system of training shooters-professionals, they were taught to shoot at a moving and living targets (with training rounds). But truly massive sniper movement began already during the great Patriotic war. “Education change” was personally involved in such famous snipers like Petr Goncharov, Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko and others.
in the Summer of 1941 the training of Riflemen was carried out directly in the units on the front line. Short courses on advanced necessarily included a common mentor with the learner, demonstration sniper operation “in the business”. Subsequently, this experience came in handy and in Stalingrad, where Vasily Zaytsev, who killed 242 Nazis, organized the sniper squad, taking on training a group of ordinary infantrymen.
overall, However, by the autumn of 1941 the training of snipers acquired centralized. Originally it was planned to educate the population marksmanship, the programme of universal compulsory military training (vsevobuch) for 110 hours, not taking people away from production. However, in practice it turned out that it is inefficient, therefore, in every military district were opened at several Schools great shooters sniper training program which suggested a 3-4 month practical and theoretical lessons. Instructors they were members osoaviahima. In the spring of 1942 in the suburbs there were School instructors, snipers, subsequently preparing ordinary shooters itselfth qualifications. Sniper training, a total of 428 passed thousands of red army soldiers and NKVD.


Combat sniping experience summarized many years of teaching courses “the Shot” the General-the Lieutenant Grigory Morozov – “the father of army sniping”. He is the author of “Technique of fire training of the sniper,” published during the war.
the Gunners were taught to determine the distance to the target and to develop a steady hand. It was very important to smoothly press the trigger, and to adjust the shot depending on the strength and direction of the wind. Also snipers have studied the rules of reading topographic maps, learn to choose cover, to disguise themselves using any available objects and not to expose yourself to the enemy. The students were required maximum quietness when moving on their bellies, as well as while in the infantry units.
– do Not rush to open fire unless they examine carefully the area, especially the path of movement of the enemy. <...> Just shoot for sure, – said in the memo snipers 1942 edition.

Female snipers

Prepared by the Vsevobuch girls hands unexpectedly to command proved to be very effective fighters. In 1943, on the basis of women’s courses at the school of instructors was opened a special Central women’s sniper training school. In less than 3 years graduated in 1885 girls – of them were killed on the fronts 180 snipers.
“Trilinear rifle and sniper SVT-40 girls learned to disassemble almost with your eyes closed,” recalled one of the instructors.
Graduate school could fall into enemy gunners from a distance of a mile, and the running man – the 800 meters.
“he Taught not only purely military skills, but paid much attention to psychological training, endurance education, and how their heads to protect, not to expose them in vain under the German bullets,” recalled the author of the book “Girl with a sniper rifle” Yulia Zhukova.
Not all the officers took a sniperø seriously – sometimes newcomers the girls offered to work at the headquarters and not at the forefront. However, graduates CISSP has shown excellent results – the only first company out of school girls-gunmen destroyed 3012 of the Nazis, when he reached Berlin.

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