with money you don’t. Our salarisstrookje is a taboeonderwerp. While we all would like to know is: where should they be the company to do? Ask NU.nl it’s in front of you. This week, as the financial advisor at a bank, and is the best in the construction industry.

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Jonathan (26, real name withheld) is now two years and a financial adviser at a bank, that helps people who have a mortgage, or a higher return on their assets want, to work a four-day and 36 hours per week, studying Financial Services Management at the universities of applied sciences. Tons of (34) is a three-year manager in the construction industry; coordinates the maintenance and the rehabilitation of one thousand houses, of a housing body; if it’s officially 40, and, in practice, about 43 hours a week, and it was this sixteen year old carpenter.

he says: “a Lot of people will say that renting throwing money away, but if you are a mortgage adviser is, you can see that this is not always the case. If you find a house to buy, you need to take into account the cost to the agent, and the bank, for the maintenance and unforeseen expenses. In the short term, renting is a great option. So, yes, I’m for hire.”

Tons: ‘You’re too young for you, Jonathan! I would have to hire really do not know. I have a ten-year ago, best cheap, bought a house and everything home-made.”

he says: “Yes, by all means. There are very strict rules that I should be aware of. Sometimes it is that bad. Then I think, hey, this is a starter, and has a good future in front of himself, I hope he is real, and I am sure that he will not be in payment difficulties to come. But I was not allowed to deviate from the rules. That is, we have too little of ourselves, would like to thank the global financial crisis of 2008 is, after all, the banks created.”

the Class. “you will Get more salary as you have more and more customers keep?”

he says: “No, but I’ve become quite spoiled by a distribution: that is, 8 per cent of the salary. My brutojaarsalaris is, which is a bonus as well, 39.402 to the euro. Each month, I get a 3.267 euros total, and about 2,500 euros. I find it to be quite high, especially in light of my experience.”

he says: “Well, I don’t think that my job will not exist. More and more people will make their own mortgage payments just online. An advisor will cost even more money. For that matter, your perspectives are better, Tons of. You have done a lot of progress when you’re switching from a carpenter to a manager?”

Tons: ‘Yes, I can make more. That may be so, because I have to be the week, are on call 24/7 for emergency service. Before I get a payment of 300 euros gross and 150 euros per month. In total, I’ll get 46.845 euros gross per year, that adds up to 2.800 euros per month. Good rate of pay.”

Tons: ‘Yes, it is kind of funny. My wife is a firefighter, so it was always going to wait and see, when I was the phone or the buzzer goes.”

Tons: ‘Sometimes, yes. However, the additional fees can I find a at the lower end of fifteen days a month can be reached. I exercise a lot, and it’s quite annoying, as I was just in a game of tennis and that thing goes off again. Many people shut out, but it could also be that there is a leak or a fire. I need someone to afsturen.”

he says: “oh my god! At my company you are not allowed to have more than 36 hours. It seems to me that to be sick leave use. It seems to me to be a carpenter, is difficult imagine that a day at the office, sit down and have a little bit of a call wearing. How do you get it now?”

Tons: ‘I was the first, indeed, difficult to imagine. Now, I can only tell you that after a day at the office and just get so tired at home, you can come out and after a day of physically demanding work. There is more stress and more responsibility. I’m sixteen, man, around, from carpenters to real estate, and the need to ensure that they continue to be. In rare cases, itching in my hands, yet, in a matter of a brand new kitchen with beautiful appliances, or additional cabinets to be installed.”
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